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Conor McGregor’s Coach Says Tyron Woodley’s “Not Some Goliath Man”, Bout is “Doable”

Kelsey Mowatt

Conor McGregor

Tyron Woodley and many others have argued that the welterweight champ is too big and too powerful for Conor McGregor. But, the latter’s coach, John Kavanagh, has outlined why he thinks the lightweight champion has the means to defeat Woodley.

Since McGregor elected to fight Nate Diaz at 170 pounds, there’s been plenty of speculation as to whether the Irish star could challenge for the welterweight title. Now that McGregor has secured the lightweight title, and because of recent exchanges he’s had with Woodley, talk about the two fighting has been widespread.

Recently Kavanagh appeared on “The MMA Hour”, and the Straight Blast Gym leader was asked to weigh-in on Woodley – McGregor. Here is some of what Kavanagh had to say (quotes via MMA

“…I don’t see what other people are saying, ‘There’s no way Conor can touch this guy.’ There is. No one is perfect. There’s openings there. Of course, he’s a bigger man, he’s got more power and you’ve gotta be super careful. But Conor trains with big guys like this…”

“He’s not enormous,” Kavanagh said about Woodley. “He’s not some Goliath man. He’s a little bit bigger. Conor would have reach on him, he would have technique on him in the striking, for sure. He’d have to of course deal with that power. … I certainly don’t in my head go, ‘Oh my God, no. We couldn’t possibly beat him.’ It’s a doable fight.”

Now sure, some folks will argue that Kavanagh is biased, and that no one should be surprised to hear him say this. But, to say McGregor has zero chance against Woodley is silly. Saying that, however, doesn’t mean McGregor would be favored. Woodley has heavy, heavy hands and an extensive wrestling background.


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