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Max Holloway’s Not Committing to UFC 208 Bout With Jose Aldo Just Yet…

Max Holloway

Jose Aldo says the plan all along was that he’d face the new interim 145 title at UFC 208, but Max Holloway isn’t committing to face the Brazilian star February 11th, just yet.

As you know, Holloway stopped Anthony Pettis in the third round at UFC 206 to become the interim featherweight champ. Immediately after the card, the Hawaiian was asked about the possibility of facing Aldo at UFC 208. Holloway, however, said he needs to talk with UFC officials before he commits to the bout. The reason being that the 25 year-old is worried about Aldo withdrawing from the fight, and that a training camp during the Holidays, a time when he’d rather be with his family, will be for nothing.

Well, Aldo told the Brazilian media on Monday that he’s fighting at UFC 208 no matter what. But, clearly Holloway is sticking to his guns, as he told “The MMA Hour” that he plans to meet with Dana White later this month to discuss his concerns. Holloway also stated (quote via MMA

“We got Jose Waldo over here saying Feb. 11. I don’t know,” Holloway said. “He wants to retire. He wants to be a soccer player. Now he’s a f*cking matchmaker. Like I said before, the UFC needs to send his ass to the Cleveland Clinic and check his brain out. They’ve been sending me a bunch of times and my brain seems fine. I ain’t got no problems talking with you guys and doing all this sh*t.

“I said it before, I don’t want to give up my Christmas, I don’t want to give up my son’s birthday on Jan. 4, all for Feb. 11 and the guy doesn’t show up…”

So, reading between the lines here, perhaps Holloway is going to ask for some extra financial ‘incentives’, before he commits to the fight. Or, maybe he has no interest in agreeing to a February 11th bout, but doesn’t want to outright say that publicly? Hard to say.

Hopefully, however, we get to see Aldo – Holloway sooner than later.


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