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Demian Maia Apologizes for Performance Against “Disrespectful” Silva, Ready to Fight Again

Demian MaiaUnsuccessful middleweight challenger Demian Maia apologized in a post-fight interview for his slow start against “disrespectful” 185-pound title-holder Anderson Silva in the main event of Saturday’s UFC 112, but says he’ll be training for a rematch:

“It took time for me to get warmed up and feel well during the fight. I started to feel better in the middle of the fight. In the first two rounds I didn’t do well, but in the last two rounds I think I did well. I went to fight and he was running around, but it’s okay, that’s his game and I knew he was going to do that. I landed some punches and he landed many punches on me. It was a war, but I’m ready to do it again.

He was very disrespectful to me, but it’s his way. After the fight he apologized but I don’t think it’s right for him to do this during the fight. He was swearing to me in the middle of the fight. It’s okay, he’s the best in the world, but I will be training to fight him again.

I want to say sorry that it took me so long to get in the fight. I never fought five rounds and I was trying to hold back a little in the first rounds. After I got hit I started to fight better, but he was winning already.

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