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Tony Ferguson Outlines How He’ll Take Khabib Nurmagomedov “Apart”

Tony Ferguson

Many believe Khabib Nurmagomedov is one of the best fighters on the planet, with one of the best records in the game, but Tony Ferguson┬áisn’t impressed with the undefeated lightweight.

Since champion Conor McGregor is taking a break from fighting, due to the arrival of his first child next year, the belief is that Nurmagomedov and Ferguson are going to scrap in the interim. The fighters are ranked #1 and #2 respectively, and both men have said they’re up for the bout.

Recently Ferguson spoke with FOX Sports. As far as Nurmagomedov’s 24-0 record, which often gets mentioned, “El Cucuy”argued it’s “padded”, and noted he would take his own over the vaunted grappler’s.

Then, while discussing the abilities of Nurmagomedov and how he would defeat him, here is some of what Ferguson had to say:

“You need to put the pressure on, check his conditioning, put his neck in choking territory and really seriously put his heart into contention. See how bad he really wants that fight and wants that win.”

“…Khabib doesn’t have hands. I’m going to out box this dude. I’m going to be too slick for him. He’s flat footed,” Ferguson said, after arguing his wrestling is better than Nurmagomedov’s.

“I’m going to take this dude apart.”

There’s no question that Ferguson has a lot of dangerous tools, but can he become the first man to shut down Nurmagomedov’s takedowns and top game? Hopefully we’ll get to find out soon.


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