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Khabib Nurmagomedov Tells Jose Aldo “I do Not Bully The Little”, Wants Bout With Tony Ferguson

Khabib Nurmagomedov

Jose Aldo buzzed the MMA world recently by hinting Khabib Nurmagomedov has passed on an opportunity to fight him, and lightweight contender has responded.

Aldo was interviewed by MMA Fighting earlier this week, and the featherweight champ proceeded to report that he will not fight Max Holloway on February 1tth, as people were expecting (since then it’s been confirmed that Holloway is injured). Then, Aldo really stirred things up, by claiming the “father” of a lightweight contender decided the fighter shouldn’t face Aldo for the interim 155 belt. Not only is Nurmagomedov coached by his father, but the latter has helped guide the career of the vaunted grappler.

Well, not surprisingly, word of Aldo’s comments got back to Nurmagomedov or he read them himself, as “The Eagle” made this post on Instagram.

Aldo says, referring to me, that I refused to fight with him. Tell him that I do not bully the little. I want a real battle, and only Tony can give it to me. At this stage of my career, even if I win Daniel Cormier, fans will say that I have to fight with Tony, and I agree with them. I have spent my career in the UFC asking for the strongest opponents, currently in this division we must decide who is stronger, me or Tony? Without exception, all the fans and experts want to see this fight and I want to give it to them. And you, Aldo, I advise you not to lose the respect of your fans, including me, do not lose your head, do not fall for the mind games of the UFC, and be yourself. ❗ Альдо говорит намекая на меня, что я отказался от боя с ним. Передайте ему, что я маленьких не обижаю. Я хочу реальный бой, и это Тони. На данном этапе моей карьеры если даже я выиграю Даниеля Кормье, фанаты будут говорить, что мне надо подраться с Тони, и я с ними согласен. Я всю свою карьеру в UFC прошу самых сильных соперников, в данный момент в легком весе мне и Тони надо определиться, кто сильнее, я первый номер в рейтинге а Тони второй. Без исключения все фанаты и специалисты хотят этого боя, и я хочу подарить им это. А тебе Альдо я советую не терять уважение от своих фанатов, и в том числе от меня, не теряй голову, не подставляйся под игры UFC, и будь собой. #юфсишныеигрыопятьвтеме @ufc

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There’s no doubt that a lot of folks want to see Nurmagomedov – Ferguson. You also have to wonder, based off Nurmagomedov’s comments and Aldo’s, what is going on behind the scenes here?

Did the UFC in fact approach Nurmagomedov about fighting Aldo for the interim title? And if so, why aren’t they looking at Ferguson as Nurmagomedov’s next opponent? Has Conor McGregor possibly told the UFC he wants to face Ferguson? But not for a little while?


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