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The Ultimate Fighter 11 – Episode 4 Recap and Discussion

The Ultimate Fighter 11 CastEpisode four of The Ultimate Fighter 11 begins with Team Ortiz’s Jamie Yager getting in yet another confrontation with this teammates, as he’s called out by Nick Ring for cheering on Team Liddell’s Brad Tavares to a win over James Hammortree, but the pair settle their differences in a one-on-one chat.

After a brief discussion over Yager’s antics back at the house, including teammate Kyacey Uscola saying he’ll openly cheer against him, we return to the gym where Chuck Liddell taps Rich Attonito to face Uscola in the next bout.

Uscola explains to coach Tito Ortiz that he’s going to miss the birth of his first child while competing on TUF, but that his being on the show is best for his family. At practice, Ortiz is confident that Uscola, an NCAA Division I wrestler, posseses the tools to earn Team Ortiz their first win of the season.

Back on Team Liddell, trainer John Hackleman says the experienced Attonito, who fights out of American Top Team, is one of the top fighters on the show and doesn’t see him losing. Due to prior commitments, Liddell won’t be able to be at the fight, but wishes Rich luck before leaving.

Back at the house, Uscola confronts Yager after finding his missing sweathshirt in his closet. Despite Kris McCray saying he moved the sweatshirt, Uscola remains upset with Yager, and the two continue to trade verbal jabs all the way to the gym.

Following a slow start to the first bout of the episode, Attonito drops Uscola with a punch a minute into the fight and follows up with ground and pound while Uscola does his best to cover up. Attonito continues the pressure, including slamming Uscola’s head to the canvas in a scramble, but is unable to get the finish before Uscola reverses to the top with a kimura.

After eating some elbows, Attonito tries to scramble back to his feet but Uscola tags him with a illegal knee to the head and the bout is halted. Attonito is clearly unable to continue and the fight is quickly called off while Uscola is disqualified. Uscola is furious as replays seem to show the knee narrowly grazed Attonito’s forehead or missed completely, but the result stands and Dana White thinks it was the right call in an otherwise “one-sided fight.”

Uscola says he respects Attonito as a person, but no longer as a fighter, while Ortiz is upset with his team’s third-straight loss and punches a door off it’s hinges.

Liddell returns just after the fight ends and congratulates Attonito backstage, where he says he likely broke his hand in the win. After a trip to the hospital, Rich returns to the house and delivers the bad news: his hand is indeed broken and he’ll be unable to fight again on the show.

We return to the gym the following day and Liddell selects Charles Blanchard to meet Yager in the next matchup. Liddell is confident in his selection, but Ortiz feels it’s his best chance yet to take control of the competition.

Following training sessions for both teams, the fighters successfully weigh-in and we quickly advance to the bout.

After avoiding Yager’s early punches, Blanchard unsuccessfully shoots for a takedown and after returning to his feet Yager drops him wiht a right. Blanchard covers up on the ground and following several follow up punches the fight is halted.

With their first win of the season, Team Ortiz is renewed, but Uscola says he still wants to smash Yager’s face.

Next week on The Ultimate Fighter 11, Ortiz gets to chose his first matchup of the season and the wildcard speculation begins, but an injury forces one fighter, presumably Attonito, out of the competition.

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