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The Ultimate Fighter 6: Episode 5 Recap

Caution: This post contains spoilers from the fifth episode of The Ultimate Fighter 6: Team Hughes vs. Team Serra

Episode 5 starts off by focusing on the tainted relationship between former friends now turned enemies, Mac Danzig and Blake Bowman. Danzig is not impressed with Bowman’s loss to Richie Hightower last week and questions why Bowman is even on the show to begin with. In Danzig’s opinion, Bowman is not a fighter.

The tension continues to build between Danzig and Bowman when the entire household gathers around to watch the season finale of The Ultimate Fighter 5, in particular the fight between Cole Miller and Andy Wang. Ironically, Bowman is good friends with Miller, while Danzig shares a close bond with Wang. The pressure boils over, when Bowman makes a remark about Wang losing to Miller. Danzig had complained that the bout ended too early because, from his own personal experience, he knows that Wang can take a punch and could have continued to fight. To which Bowman retorted “he can take a punch but not a kick,” which is in reference to the kick that ultimately put the bout on ice. Danzig loses it and goes on a verbal tirade on Bowman. A startled Bowman remains in his seat and stomachs the abuse as Danzig walks away.

Hughes drops by the house for a surprise visit to inform Paul Georgieff that he had received an urgent phone call from his family back home. Apparently, Georgieff’s younger cousin had passed away and a funeral was going to be held in the upcoming week. As a result, Georgieff has to decide whether he wants to risk his future as a fighter and leave for the funeral or remain on the show and miss his cousin’s burial? Fortunately, Dana White allows Georgieff to take some time off to go to the funeral and be with his family on the condition that he fights before he leaves. Georgieff agrees.

With the ball in Team Hughes’ court this week, they chose Georgieff to fight Team Serra’s Troy “Rudeboy” Mandaloniz in the weekly eliminations. Mandaloniz is a colorful character from Hawaii who is a childhood friend of BJ Penn. In fact, Penn influenced Mandaloniz’s decision to get involved in mixed martial arts. Mandaloniz sports a professional record of 2-1-0.

The audience learns that Danzig is a nature lover and he’s quite upset with the other household members’ tendency to kill flies at will. Likewise, Team Serra is not a fan of Danzig and his attitude; they feel that he’s a grump. They take out their aggression towards Danzig by assaulting a milk carton with Danzig’s face drawn on it.

Hughes learns about the turmoil between Danzig and Bowman, and about Danzig’s claim that Bowman is not a fighter. During the training session, Hughes announces that he’s not happy with Danzig’s comments and behavior. In his opinion, Bowman is indeed a fighter, and he believes that Danzig owes Bowman an apology. A silent Danzig stands before Hughes as he lectures away. Despite Hughes’ suggestion, Danzig never apologizes to Bowman arguing that even though everyone is wearing a Team Hughes jersey, that doesn’t mean that everyone will get along.

The elimination bout begins and the outcome of the fight is essentially decided on which team has the better game plan. Georgieff, a grappler by nature, chooses to go against Hughes’ plan of taking the fight to the ground and, instead, opts to keep the fight standing up against Mandaloniz; a known striker. The two fighters come out punching, exchanging blows in the center of the octagon. Georgieff closes the distance and manages to pull guard. On the ground, Georigeff makes an attempt for an armbar and later a kimura but to no avail; Mandaloniz manages to effectively escape both submission attempts. Big John doesn’t like what he sees on the ground and stands up both fighters. Mandaloniz goes on the offensive and connects with a hard right which knocks Georgieff out cold; immediately ending the match. Team Serra now improves to 4-1 thanks to Mandaloniz who stuck with the game plan of keeping the fight standing up from start to finish.

Matt Hughes is fuming mad following the conclusion of the bout. He does not understand why Georgieff refrained from taking the fight to the ground when clearly that is his strength. Georgieff apologizes to Hughes for going against his orders, explaining that he had a good feeling he could handle his own against Mandaloniz standing up. The loss puts Teams Hughes in a predicament as they now need 3 consecutive wins or else Matt Serra will have complete control of the matches going into the semifinals. Please check back next week for another review.

Here’s a look at the teams after week 5. Down 4-1, it looks like Team Hughes is in a bit of trouble.

Team Serra

  • Matt Arroyo (1-0)
  • John Kolosci (1-0)
  • Richie Hightower (1-0)
  • Troy Mandaloniz (1-0)
  • George Sotiropoulos
  • Ben Saunders
  • Jon Koppenhaver
  • Joe Scarola (Eliminated by Mac Danzig – Week 1)
  • Roman Mitichyan (Injured – Week 1)

Team Hughes

  • Mac Danzig (1-0)
  • Dan Barrera
  • Tommy Speer
  • Jared Rollins
  • Paul Georgieff (Eliminated by Troy Mandaloniz – Week 5)
  • Blake Bowman (Eliminated by Richie Hightower – Week 4)
  • Dorian Price (Eliminated by Matt Arroyo – Week 2)
  • Billy Miles (Eliminated John Kolosci – Week 3)

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