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“WEC 48: Aldo vs. Faber” Predictions

The WEC is set to make it’s initial pay-per-view offering this Saturday at the Arco Arena in Sacramento, California with “WEC 48: Aldo vs. Faber,” which is headlined by a featherweight title fight featuring Jose Aldo defending his belt against former title-holder Urijah Faber.

With that, it’s prediction time again, so here are the’s staff predictions for WEC 48:

Justin’s picks:
Jose Aldo (c) vs. Urijah Faber for the WEC Featherweight Championship:
This bout has the potential of being an absolute barnburner, and pits the former longtime WEC champion Faber against a man who could make a similar run in Aldo.  On paper, Aldo is a heavy favorite, because he’s fast, hungry, and has knockout power, but you can never count out Faber.  Faber has the speed to compete with Aldo, and will likely be the fastest opponent Aldo has faced.  He will also have the ability to take the fight to the ground and test Aldo there, but Aldo has strong submission skills.  This fight is a really hard fight to pick, and I will say that Aldo is more likely to come out the victor, but I’m a fan of Faber’s and really want to see him get back the belt he held for so long, so I will vote with my heart and pick Faber by decision, even though my head says Aldo by second round knockout.

Ben Henderson (c) vs. Donald Cerrone for the WEC Lightweight Championship:
Henderson is the current champion, having come from behind to take the belt from Jamie Varner in his last bout.  He already holds a close decision win over Cerrone, a fight that earned recognition as a “Fight of the Year” candidate. This fight could go the same way as Henderson has shown an uncanny resiliency in his fights.  Cerrone has been known in the past for being a slow starter, but says he’s corrected that.  Cerrone is well known for his finishing ability, and Henderson has those abilities as well, but on paper Cerrone has more options to end the fight.  If Cerrone has in fact fixed his slow starter issues, he could very well take this one, either by finish or decision, but I can’t count out Henderson, and believe he has improved since their last bout as well.  As with Faber in the main event, I’m a fan of Henderson, and just can’t count him out, I think that somehow, someway he will pull out this win, most likely a decision.

Mike Brown vs. Manny Gamburyan:
Brown is the former featherweight champion, having lost the title to current belt holder Jose Aldo.  He is a big strong featherweight with knock out power, and a great submission game.  Gamburyan is a grinder with a good ground game and questionable striking.  Gamburyan certainly has a chance in this bout, but I think that Brown will use his strength and wrestling to keep the fight standing or gain top position and work to a second round TKO victory.

Anthony Njokuani vs. Shane Roller:
Njokuani is on a tear right now, having won “Knock out of the Night” honors in his last three fights, since losing to current lightweight champion Henderson in January of last year.  Roller has won two straight since he lost to Henderson in April of last year.  This is somewhat of a striker versus grappler match, as Roller will likely want to use his wrestling to get this fight to the ground, while Njokuani will be looking to keep the fight standing to earn another knockout.  My pick is Njokuani by second round TKO.

Antonio Banuelos vs. Scott Jorgensen:
These two have met last June, with Banuelos getting the edge in a split decision.  Since that time both fighters have improved but Jorgensen has faced the better competition and looked more impressive.  Jorgensen says he’s improved since the last time these two met and I believe him.  I’m picking Jorgensen to win via second round TKO or a unanimous decision.  This bout will be in the running for “Fight of the Night” and the only reason it won’t get it, is if one of the two title fights does, I believe.

Chan Sung Jung vs. Leonard Garcia:
Both fighters are known for their striking and knockout abilities.  I highly doubt this fight will go the distance, and it will be interesting to see if the newly acquired Jung will transition well to fighting in a cage, since most of his career has been fought in a ring.  That said, “The Korean Zombie” is my pick to take a second round TKO victory over Garcia.
Anthony Pettis vs. Alex Karalexis:
Karalexis claims he can beat either of the two contenders for the lightweight belt that are fighting later in the evening.  In order to have any chance of proving that he’ll have to knockout the rising star Pettis.  Both fighters are coming off of first round knockout victories, but I think Pettis will have the edge of the former “The Ultimate Fighter” contestant and will take home another first round TKO.

Demetrious Johnson vs. Brad Pickett: Picket via second round submission.
Anthony Morrison vs. Chad Mendes: Mendes via unanimous decision.
Rani Yahya vs. Takeya Mizugaki: Mizugaki via second round TKO.
Tyler Toner vs. Brandon Visher: Visher via first round TKO.

bsbiz’s picks:
Jose Aldo (c) vs Urijah Faber:
It is the California Kid vs. the Knockout Machine. Jose Aldo is a beast. His offense is just an irresistable force. Just ask everyone who has stepped into the cage with him in the WEC. Everyone has been on the business end of elbows, knees, and fists, including the glorious knockout of Cub Swanson eight seconds into the fight. Of course, in the process, we have found out nothing about what kind of defense he has. He has a purple belt in jiu jitsu, but has had only one submission victory that wasn’t soccer kicks (which I don’t really count). Urijah Faber is still the face of the WEC because of his stretch of dominance in the Featherweight division. He has only lost three times, but two of them were to recently deposed champion Mike Brown in two classic fights. There are only two questions that will determine how this fight goes: 1) Can Faber weather the overwhelming speed and power of Aldo? 2) If Faber can survive the offense of Aldo, can Aldo fend off Faber’s nearly unmatched ability to take people down and do what he do. I don’t see the second question being relevant because the first one will be answered in the negative. Aldo by TKO in first.

Henderson (c) vs Cerrone:
In what was probably the fight of the year last year, B.Henderson got a decision victory over Cerrone. That was probably one of the best fights I have ever seen. It was a truly epic war that honestly, Henderson was lucky to win. He looked terrible in the first couple of rounds and squeaked out a decision. The Cowboy had been close to winning before, losing a very close split decision to Jamie “The Nearly Universally Hated” Varner. I think Cerrone has learned enough from the fight with Varner and B.Henderson to change what he’s going to do. He needs to stay off the ground and literally just strike. If he does that, I think he’ll win. However, B.Henderson is not going to take it laying down. Even though that’s where he’d prefer the fight to be there. Grappling match favors B.Henderson, kickboxing favors Cerrone. Cerrone will finally win the big one, probably by decision. And I also suspect that this will also be a Fight of the Night Candidate.

Brown vs Gamburyan:
I don’t think this will really be close. Gamburyan’s strength (judo) is something that Mike Brown should be able to handle with relative ease. His striking isn’t terrible, but it’s not bad. Mike Brown’s pure wrestling game very well may be the best in the division and that will keep him safe in this fight. Add to that his power and Gamburyan is toast. Brown was utterly demolished by an extremely quick Jose Aldo, and in all honesty, got a little lucky in his second fight with Urijah Faber, getting a decision victory even though Faber broke both his hands and had to throw only elbows in the last couple rounds. I like Mike Brown as a fighter, but I am afraid that he came to prominence about two years too late: we are now in the era of the ultra quick well rounded athletes being dominant and Brown does not have the quickness necessary to hang with the elite, unless he was caught off guard by Aldo. This fight should tell us a little something. Mike Brown should be able to manhandle Gamburyan and just overpower the Anvil for a GnP or RNC victory. If Brown comes out and just demolishes The Anvil, he could be headed for another title shot in the very near future, possibly even facing the winner of Faber/Aldo.

Njokuani vs Roller:
I like Shane Roller as a fighter. He’s got nasty chokes (four of his seven wins and three by guillotine) and he’s a tough guy to beat (only WEC loss was to current champ Henderson). And the wins haven’t come against jokes, either. However, Njokuani is a force of nature. He is on a three fight Knockout of the Night streak. He hasn’t made it out of the second minute of the second round in the WEC (only losses in career are to the two gentlemen in the lightweight title fight), including his bludgeoning of poor Chris Horodecki last time out. I just don’t know that Roller is going to provide enough of a challenge to the man-child of the WEC. Njokuani by (T)KO in first.

Jorgensen vs Banuellos:
I have a ton of respect for guys like Banuellos. He’s had twelve fights in the WEC spanning a time of eight years. He’s fought in the no-names as well, but the man just goes out and fights. Scott Jorgensen is a tough guy as well, and wants revenge for the split decision loss to Banuellos back in June. This should be a back and forth affair and another candidate for Fight of the Night. I think Jorgensen will win, but it will be a hard-fought split decision. And yes, his skin is supposed to look like that. It’s called vitiligo.

Eric Shapiro’s picks:
Jose Aldo vs. Urijah Faber:
Urijah Faber, from unstoppable featherweight king of the WEC to heavy underdog in just under a year. Of course, the California Kid could very well prove nearly every pundit wrong tomorrow night. I don’t think he will because, well, I’m a sane person. But it could happen. Remember Griffin over Rampage? Shogun over Machida? (sort of) How about Edgar over Penn? Eh? Not convinced? Me neither.

The reality is that Faber could fight the perfect fight and still end up looking foolish at the hands of Aldo. Jose Aldo posesses absurd speed, a devasting range of striking and a strong jiujitsu pedigree. Faber may have the better pure wrestling, but so did Mike Brown and Cub Swanson, and neither were able to do much with it other than eat a few knees for their trouble. What the hell, its almost summer. Its getting hot. And I’m drinking some Jose Aldo Kool Aid. Aldo via TKO, round 3.

Ben Henderson vs. Donald Cerrone:
Cerrone has the striking, cardio and a versatile submission game, but none of it could completely nullify Ben Henderson’s stifling wrestling prowess. Henderson is extremely durable and I don’t know that Cerrone can end his night, but if The Cowboy can put a definitive stamp on the opening frames and see it through the fight will be his. Cerrone by unanimous decision.

Mike Brown vs. Manny Gamburyan:
Mike Brown was completely outclassed and broken by Jose Aldo, but Manny Gamuryan is no Jose Aldo. Brown over Gamburyan via TKO, round 2.


Anthony Njokuani over Shane Roller by TKO, round 3
Scott Jorgenson
over Antonio Banuelos by split decision
Leonard Garcia
over Chang Sung Jung by TKO, round 1
Takeya Mizugaki
over Rani Yahya by unanimous decision

FR702’s picks:
Jose Aldo (c) v Urijah Faber:
Aldo is on a 9 fight win streak, he walked through the guy that walked through Faber, Aldo is lighting fast has excellent kicks and crazy hands his ground is excellent and he likes to finish fights fast, ask Swanson.. Urijah Faber is crazy fast, excellent wrestling weird angles and has HEART for days, lets remember that he fought with 2 broken hands against Brown. I like Urijah he is a super cool cat, Jose Aldo is super young crazy talented and a hell of a fighter to see perform in person. if this fight goes the distance I would assume Urijah would win, but I believe Jose Aldo via (t)ko in rd 3

Benson Henderson (c) v Donald Cerrone:
What a fantastic fight these two had in 2009, damn that was exciting like a mother, who do ya root for? Cerrone has the jitz, Muay Thai, crazy subs good power in both legs and hands.. Henderson has crazy jitz, asinine sub defense, doesn’t tap when he should, strong wrestling good hands… This is going to be a war but I believe at the end of the day Benson Henderson retains his title via UD or sub in the 3rd

Mike Thomas Brown v Manny Gamburyan:
Pretty sure a lot of people will agree with me……. MTB via brutal gnp (t)ko rd 1

Anthony Njokuani v Shane Roller:
WEC 48 the card of Anthony’s, anyways Njokuani has stated that he wishes to ko Roller, people keep saying that Njokuani doesn’t want to hit the ground with Roller due to his only two losses coming via choke one from Benson Henderson and the other from Donald Cerrone, Roller tho he has faced Benson Henderson I don’t think that he will get in and take Njokuani down too often and Njokuani will impose his will and win via (t)ko rd 2. {Njokuani}

Antonio Banuelos v Scott Jorgensen:
I was there in person for their fight last year, and man that was a back and forth battle like very few that I have had the pleasure of seeing live and in person. Antonio walked away with the victory that night, but it seems as tho Scott has been getting more praise as of late for some reason.. Scott’s hand speed is a difficult thing to deal with but Antonio’s wrestling is also a very difficult thing to deal with, I hope that they bring the same passion that they had in their first battle because if they do we all are in for a treat. I can see this bout going down a few different ways, Jorgensen by (t)ko or Banuelos by UD/Sub either way it will be a hell of a fight…

Chan Sung Jung v Leonard Garcia:
This is where the night begins for me, you have Garcia who is known for his war with Roger Huerta though it was a losing effort against “The Korean Zombie”, who is known for taking punishment and still moving forward and coming away with the victory (I personally still think his lone loss smells a little fishy, like a tuna melt sandwich that has been out in the sun for approx 3 and half days)… This will be an explosive battle Garcia will bring the fight and Jung will not back down, this could honestly be the fight of the night, Jung via sub rd 3

Anthony Pettis v Alex Karalexis:
Pettis goes by “Showtime” and his lone loss came to Bart Palaszewski he has 4(t)ko’s 4subs to his credit plus his loss was a split decision that many believed he won. Karalexis has never really been able to handle quicker stronger competition, Palaszewski, Ratcliff, KenFlo hell Jason Von Flue, if you are quick and stronger than Karalexis usually you win via (t)ko or sub, both of which Pettis is pretty solid at…. Pettis sub rd 2

Demetrious Johnson v Brad Pickett:
Johnson is undefeated and Pickett is on a 8 fight winning streak, I don’t see this one getting to the third round, Pickett (t)ko rd1

Anthony Morrison v Chad Mendes:
“Cheesesteak” got choked out from Mike Thomas Brown the last time he stepped in to fight, though Morrison has more experience I think that Mendes is hungrier and wants to keep his perfect record in tact, Mendes by UD

Rani Yahya v Takeya Mizugaki:
Rani has a difficult time with aggressive strikers, but if he gets it to the ground most of the time its a wrap son… Mizugaki like Yahya is coming off of a loss in his last fight, he has been in some wars (insert memories of his battle with Torres), I just think that the longer this fight goes the more opportunity Yahya has to submit him… Yahya by armbar rd 3

Tyler Toner v Brandon Visher:
Toner’s lone loss is to Scott Jorgensen, he has 5 (t)ko’s and 2 subs under his “belt”. Visher’s nickname is The Viper and he is undefeated with a very well rounded 6 (t)ko’s and 4 subs being 13~0 shows that he is growing in experience and unlike Toner, Visher has already fought in the WEC.. The Viper by (t)ko rd 2

I’m just really hoping for a great card from ZUFFA and the WEC I’m hyped for this card and I could be wrong on all of my picks but as long as these fighters fight to the best of their capabilities I will not be disappointed.

Kris Karkoski’s Quick Picks:

  • Jose Aldo def. Urijah Faber via TKO – Round 4
  • Ben Henderson def. Donald Cerrone via unanimous decision
  • Mike Brown def. Manny Gamburyan via TKO – Round 2
  • Anthony Njokuani def. Shane Roller via TKO – Round 2
  • Scott Jorgensen def. Antonio Banuelos via unanimous decision
  • Leonard Garcia def. Chan Sung Jung via TKO – Round 2


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