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Tito Ortiz Denies Allegations, Accuses Jenna Jameson of Drug Addiction

Tito OrtizAfter being released by the Huntington Beach Police Department late-Monday on $25,000 bail, an emotional Tito Ortiz, accompanied at a press conference by his lawyer, denied the domestic violence allegations of longtime girlfriend Jenna Jameson.

“We are here because, unfortunately, Jenna Jameson has been fighting a battle with OxyContin addiction for well over a year,” Ortiz’s lawer, Chip Matthews, said. “For Tito and his family, this has been an uphill battle. We’re here because Tito was trying to help her. When Jenna relapsed this morning and Tito confronted her over the drugs he found, she denied it and had an emotional breakdown. As Tito was leaving, she unfortunately contacted police.

“I want to be clear: Tito Ortiz never laid a hand on Jenna,” Mathews concluded.

“My parents have gone through addiction and I’m not going to let my family go through that,” Ortiz said. “I speak from the heart. I’m going to let my lawyer (Matthews) do his job, but I hope with everything dear to my heart that Jenna will be okay.”

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