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UFC 155’er Kevin Lee Says Floyd Mayweather’s Team Has Asked Him to Help Prepare Latter For Conor McGregor

Kelsey Mowatt


More and more signs are turning up, indicating that Conor McGregor versus Floyd Mayweather could in fact go down, and now Kevin Lee has added to that list.

Yes, in recent days, McGregor has reported that a deal is getting close, in terms of making the long rumored, boxing bout a reality. Just last week, UFC boss man Dana White even said that he thinks the fight will happen, simply because there’s just so much money to be made by having it.

So how does Lee figure into all this? Well, recently the UFC lightweight contender spoke with Helen Yee. While doing so, the 24 year-old fighter reported the following (quote via Bloody Elbow):

“That fight with Floyd, it’s going to happen. Floyd’s management reached out to me a little while ago and asked me to be a part of the camp. So I’m excited to do that, I could use a couple bucks in my pocket, that’s for sure.”

“Floyd isn’t going to knock out Conor, ” Leed added later in the interview. “Conor’s a much bigger man. I expect Conor to come out and try to sling Floyd around a little bit in the clinch, try to wear him down. If things get too hectic about that seventh, eighth round, he might start — I don’t know, he might start to rough him up with some elbows. I’m pretty sure Floyd’s going to have us prepare him for that — being able to throw him around, and maybe even kick him a little bit. You never know.”

Now, one thing that should be noted, is that Lee mentioned June as a possible fight date. But McGregor, however, has said they’re targeting September. The lightweight champ is expecting his first child in the coming weeks, and as a result, it’s unlikely he’d agree to fight Mayweather that soon.

But, obviously Mayweather’s camp think that the bout is at least likely to go down, if they’re already planning a camp for it. We shall see what happens.


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