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Chael Sonnen Says Source Has Told Him Conor McGregor – Floyd Mayweather’s a Go

Kelsey Mowatt


There’s been no official announcement that Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather are going to fight, but according to Chael Sonnen, a source has told him that the boxing match is a go.

In recent weeks, there’s been more and more indicators that the long rumored bout could actually happen. McGregor recently reported that the sides are getting close on a deal, and Dana White has also said that he thinks the fight will go down.

Well, on a recent episode of Sonnen’s podcast, the UFC vet and Bellator fighter reported this (quote via MMA Mania):

“For some reason, both of these fighters have said they’re fighting, but no reporter has announced it. Now I have information from someone higher than that, which is a guy at a ticketing company where the ‘build’ was sent in,” Sonnen said, while discussing the proposed  McGregor – Mayweather bout.

“To tell you what that means, it’s called a ‘build’. In that industry, that’s when you submit to the ticketing company, what you want, what your card is, what your date is — essentially, your schematics, this is what the arena layout is going to look like. That’s called the build, that’s the first step to lining up your tickets,” added Sonnen. “The build was submitted, and I got it right from the ticketing guy.”

Sonnen went on to say that he can’t say for certain that the info is accurate, but the outspoken fighter relayed that he believes it is. Sonnen also added that McGregor and Mayweather are “going to fight”.

So, we’ll see what happens. Even if the info Sonnen was given isn’t right on the mark, it certainly seems like talks are progressing to make the bout a reality.

Sonnen, meanwhile, is going to fight Wanderlei Silva at Bellator’s June 24th card in NYC.


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