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UFC 210: Chris Weidman Says He “Got Screwed”, Wants Immediate Rematch With Gegard Mousasi

Kelsey Mowatt

UFC 210

If you’re a big Chris Weidman fan, then there’s a good chance you’re not in a particularly good mood today.

Officially, Weidman was handed his third straight, stoppage loss last night at UFC 210, as a result of his bout with Gegard Mousasi. If you watched the card, then you know that in round two, Mousasi cracked Weidman with a couple of hard knees to the head, as the latter was crouched over. Referee Dan Miragliotta believed the knees were fouls, however, and intervened.

So at first, Weidman was given five minutes to recover from the blows, but after the replays ran, it was decided the knees weren’t illegal. A gasp was sent through the MMA world as the fight was awarded to Mousasi.

Well, after the card, Weidman reported that he plans to appeal the controversial ruling and that he wants a rematch. The former middleweight champ also had this to say about the fight (quote via MMA Fighting):

“I don’t know what’s going on with the commission,” Weidman said. “The head of the commission said there’s no replay in the state, so why the hell did this happen to me?”

“I knew what I was doing,” Weidman added “He kneed me in the head once when I had the hands down, so I said, ‘alright i’ll put the two hands down, so he can’t knee me,’ then he kneed me and the ref stopped it saying it’s an illegal knee. That’s as clear as I was with it.”

The decorated wrestler, who won the opening round by scoring several takedowns, also stated “I got screwed, and it sucks.”

Now, some folks will likely note, and rightfully so, that appeared as though Mousasi was gaining momentum and that Weidman was fading when the knees took place. Further, at least one of the knees did appear to be legal, so it’s not Mousasi’s fault the wrong call was initially made.

But, Weidman’s right in that instant replay is not implemented yet in New York State, so how could a replay have influenced the initial ruling?


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