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Roan Carneiro Posts Vid Demonstrating The Now Infamous Towel Hold, Weigh-In Trick

Kelsey Mowatt

UFC 210

The MMA world continues to question how Daniel Cormier lost over a pound in just a couple of minutes at the UFC 210 weigh-ins, and the consensus is the champ utilized the old ‘towel trick’.

On Friday AM, Cormier came in at 206.2 pounds on his initial attempt. The light-heavyweight went backstage, but moments later, he came out and weighed in at 205. This prompted some folks to wonder how this could have happened, and observers noticed that Cormier held the towel on his second attempt.

Does that work? Well, recently UFC vet Roan Carneiro posted the vid below, which shows BJJ champ Rodolfo Vieira using the trick, pretty effectively…


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