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NY Commission Says Instant Replay is Utilized in Jurisdiction, Following Controversial Chris Weidman Loss

Kelsey Mowatt

UFC 210

If you’re hoping that Chris Weidman’s controversial loss to Gegard Mousasi last weekend gets overturned, as it’s looking right now, that seems unlikely.

As you surely know by know, Mousasi cracked Weidman with a couple of knees to the head in round two, which at first, were ruled as illegal. Weidman was given five minutes to recover, but then, after replays of the strikes were shown, it was decided the blows were legit. Doctors, in the meantime, had ruled Weidman couldn’t continue, and the fight was awarded to Mousasi.

Since UFC 210, there’s been no shortage of speculation and debate about what went down in the fight, and whether officials acted correctly. It was reported that instant replay isn’t sanctioned for use by New York State officials, and as a result, questions abounded as to how the knees went from being viewed as fouls, to legal.

Weidman, also thought instant replay wasn’t utilized in the region, and has said he plans to appeal the decision. But since then, the commission has released the following statement (quote via MMA Fighting):

“Mr. Weidman was determined to be unable to continue the match due to legal blows received, resulting in a TKO. In New York State, it has been held that the Commission may review video evidence in order to meet its obligation to render correct determinations and act in the best interest of the sport.”

“After the referee initially ruled the strikes from Mr. Mousasi illegal, he consulted with the alternate referee during the physician assessment of Mr. Weidman and determined that the knee strikes by Mousasi were not illegal. During the examination of Mr. Weidman by Commission medical staff, it was determined he was medically unfit to continue and the referee ruled a TKO victory in favor of Mr. Mousasi.”

So, it’s hard to imagine an outcome now where Weidman’s able to launch a successful appeal.


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