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The Ultimate Fighter 11 – Episode 6 Recap

The Ultimate Fighter 11 CastEpisode six of The Ultimate Fighter 11 starts with a dejected Team Ortiz returning to the TUF house following Josh Bryant’s win over Kris McCray on last week’s episode. Kyacey Uscola is disappointed in the team and blames coach Tito Ortiz for McCray’s performance, saying he’s overtraining them in the days leading up to their fights.

At a Team Liddell training session, coach Chuck Liddell returns and congratulates Bryant on his victory, before saying he’s confident his remaining fighters, Court McGee and Joe Henle, can both win their upcoming bouts.

Back at the house, Team Ortiz’s Jamie Yager and McCray disagree with Uscola’s assessment that they’re being overtrained and think Ortiz is doing a great job preparing them for their fights. At a Team Ortiz training session, James Hammortree and Nick Ring also disagree with Uscola, with Ring calling the short but intense workouts a “vacation”.

Ortiz calls the fighters together to discuss Uscola’s comments that they’re being overtrained, and says he’s using his years of experience to prepare them to fight in such a short amount of time. After talking over their differences, the team is ready to move forward and Ortiz is confident the team is far from done despite their rough start.

The coaches challenge is up next, with Liddell and Ortiz, teamed with their assistant coaches, going head-to-head at dodgeball with cash prizes and pride at stake for themselves and their teams.

Liddell and his team pick off everyone but Ortiz in the opening game, before eventually clipping him to go up 1-0, though Ortiz claims he wasn’t him. In the second game, all of the assistants are quickly eliminated before Liddell takes out Ortiz to win the competition, while Liddell again wins the third to clinch the sweep.

Following the victory, Liddell and his team celebrate, adding that Ortiz has trouble beating him in anything.

Back at the gym, Liddell chooses Court McGee to face Ortiz’s first pick Nick Ring. White comments that while Ring is one of the favorites in the competition, he can’t doubt Liddell’s matchmaking following his success thus far.

At another Liddell training session, McGee prepares to avoid Ring’s kicks and says he needs to be aware of his ground game and avoid submissions while quickly passing on the ground. Hackleman is impressed with McGee’s conditioning and says he’s a fast learner.

At the house, McGee discusses his previous addiction to painkillers and alcohol, which ultimately led to a near-death experience with heroin, before he finally got clean after going to rehab.

At the gym, another Ortiz training session is in progress when Hammortree hurts his back while being taken down by McCray. After being taken by ambulance to the hospital, Hammortree returns and while he avoiding serious injury, his back remains swollen and could affect his chances at the wildcard slot.

Ortiz downplays McGee as a wrestler, and says he expects Ring to win by submission or knockout in the first round.

McGee and Ring make their way to the cage for their opening round showdown.

After connecting with a punch and kick, McGee scores an early takedown into Ring’s guard, but Ring maintains control and doesn’t allow him to do much damage before working back to his feet, where he connects with kicks. McGee fires a head kick back, then both fighters connect with punches. Ring fires more kicks before they clinch and fight for position, with Ring working knees to the leg before McGee escapes and rushes forward with a combination before shooting for another takedown. Ring looks for a guillotine, then tries to take McGee’s back, but eventually settles in half guard. Ring is unable to unleash much offense as he struggles to control McGee, who works back to guard. McGee throws punches from the bottom before Ring finally connects with some ground and pound before the round ends.

In the second, both fighters throw kicks early, then McGee presses forward, but Ring counters with more kicks. McGee finally finds the mark with a combination, but Ring continues throwing kicks. Ring moves ahead and McGee tags him with punches before a brief clinch, then connects again on the way out and follows it up with another combination. Ring has slowed, allowing McGee to frequently connect with punches, as well as occasional knees and kicks. McGee exits another clinch with more punches before Ring fires back with punches of his own. Ring rushes in and McGee connects again, but is narrowly missing with his biggest punches. Ring works knees in another clinch, while McGee tees off with punches to the body. Ring closes the round with more kicks, before McGee unloads with a last-second combo.

Following the round, Liddell argues with Yeager that McGee should earn the decision without the need for a third round. It appears Liddell may be right, as the judges have reached a decision, but surprisingly award a majority of decision to Ring despite a seemingly dominant second round for McGee.

Liddell is furious with the decision and calls it “embarrassing” before storming off, while White reiterates fighters can’t let it go to the judges.

Next week on TUF 11, a nagging injury could affect Ring’s future in the competition, Joe Henle and Seth Baczynski meet in the final preliminary fight, and the wildcard matchup is announced.

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