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Chris Weidman Believes he Would Have “Gone on to Dominate” Gegard Mousasi if Bout Wasn’t Stopped

Kelsey Mowatt


It’s been a couple of weeks now since Chris Weidman’s loss to Gegard Mousasi, but the former middleweight champ is still pretty upset about what went down at UFC 210.

Weidman was ruled unfit to continue by doctors in the second round, after he was hit with knees from Mousasi, which were at first deemed illegal, only to then be ruled okay. Since the controversial fight, Weidman has made it clear he isn’t happen about what took place, and during a recent appearance on “The MMA Hour”, the American repeated that sentiment.

Although he took a couple of hard knees to the head from Mousasi, and was ruled ineligible to continue, Weidman had this to say about the April 8th bout (quote via MMA Mania):

“I think I would’ve went on to dominate Mousasi and even finish him. Now, this is all my opinion and you can argue this back-and-forth and we will never know for that event. But, I do want a rematch because I felt I was dominating the fight. Even in the second round when he came forward and I was doing the backpedaling and he was punching. He didn’t land anything and I was very coherent and I wasn’t rocked. The rest of the round, I mounted him and took his back. I know Mousasi wasn’t happy with the result, judging by him pulling down his flag and telling his coaches to stop the celebration. I know his tune changed at the press conference and he was coached into the way he was talking at that point. But his instincts were right and as a fighter you don’t want to win that way. It was a debacle.”

Weidman certainly had a strong start, and his wrestling and top game was giving Mousasi some trouble. But, could the former champ really have gone on to “dominate” Mousasi after taking those knees? It’s possible. Clearly the doctors didn’t think so.

A rematch seems like the right move to make here, but it didn’t sound like UFC President Dana White was eager to rebook the fight, right after the event. One thing is clear, Weidman is in need of a win. The defeat, although controversial, was his third straight. So, might Weidman end up taking on a less ranked opponent next? It will be interesting to see.


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