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Jake Ellenberger Responds to Mike Perry’s Comments Regarding Retirement

Kelsey Mowatt


Following Mike Perry’s crushing, knockout win over Jake Ellenberger, he questioned whether it might be time for the latter to retire, and the veteran has responded.

Perry and Ellenberger fought at UFC Fight Night 108, which went down last weekend in Nashville. After a competitive opening round, Perry blasted Ellenberger with an elbow off the clinch, which knocked “The Juggernaut” out instantly. The defeat was Ellenberger’s fourth in his last five fights, and in follow up appearance on “The MMA Hour”, Perry said it might be time for the vet to “hang up the gloves.”

Well, since then, MMA Fighting caught up with Ellenberger. The 32 year-old said he plans to continue fighting, but acknowledged he’s in the final stages of his career. When asked to respond to Perry’s comments specifically, however, Ellenberger said this:

“I’m a mature guy, emotionally mature as well,”Ellenberger  said. “I don’t pay any attention [to what he says]. This sport, that’s the beauty of this sport. The better guy does not always win. That’s the reality. I’ve beaten some really good guys. I’ve got wins over guys I probably shouldn’t have. I have over 50 fights. And just a guy like that…it’s hard because there’s no reason for me to waste my time disrespecting him. He did his job. It is what it is. It’s a hard pill that I have to swallow.

“But for him to make dumb and idiotic comments, it’s like bro — you’ve made some bad decisions in the past. Let’s not become somebody who should speak for when another fighter should be done. That’s in the past.”

Now, if you’re a big Ellenberger fan, then chances are you’re in agreement with these comments. Further, there’s no doubt that the most well rounded and talented fighter doesn’t always win.

It should also be noted, however, that Perry also said that Ellenberger could come back and “beat somebody up”. So, it’s not like he outright said Ellenberger should retire. It will be interesting to see if the UFC brings Ellenberger back for another bout. If not, organizations like Bellator and the PFL will almost certainly be interested in his services.


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