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Antonio Tarver on Why Conor McGregor Has no Chance, Not Even a Puncher’s Chance, Against Floyd Mayweather

Kelsey Mowatt


The consensus is that Floyd Mayweather will defeat Conor McGregor if and when the box. Depending on the conversation and who is involved, many believe that Mayweather will dominate the UFC champ, but that the heavy handed McGregor has at least a puncher’s chance. After all, this is a man who slept Jose Aldo with one punch, and has bombed out many opponents with his big left hand.

So it’s a reasonable argument right? Actually it’s not, according to Antonio Tarver.

If boxing isn’t your jam, then you might be unaware that Tarver is a retired boxer, who won multiple championships and a bronze medal at the 1996 Olympics. Tarver has been hired as a striking coach for the Blackzillians down in Florida, and recently he was on the “MMA Hour”.

Not surprisingly, the American was asked for his take on Mayweather – McGregor, and this is what Tarver had to say about the latter’s chances (quote via MMA Fighting):

“Not a chance in hell,” Tarver said.“Because Conor McGregor can’t beat the top-20 in the division, how the f*ck is he going to beat Floyd Mayweather? Not a f*cking chance in hell (of even a puncher’s chance), because he’s not punching with those four-ounce gloves on. He’s punching with 10-ounce gloves on. Big difference.

“It’s a money fight. I don’t know if it’s a mockery, but it’s a money fight. That’s what it’s all about. Conor McGregor can’t beat Nate Diaz in a boxing match. In a boxing match, [Diaz] will beat his ass, and there’s a whole lot of other fighters out there who will beat his ass in a boxing match.”

There’s no question that four ounce gloves make a huge difference, in terms of how much power is delivered to an opponent. Further, with the 10 oz gloves, boxers can cover up, much, much more than with MMA gloves.

If you venture outside of the MMA bubble into the boxing world occasionally, then you know Tarver’s thoughts on this are pretty much the norm.


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