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“Big” John McCarthy Discusses Trash Talking Game of Diaz Brothers & Conor McGregor

Kelsey Mowatt


Some fighters talk a lot of trash, and do it quite well outside of the Octagon, but that doesn’t mean they do so while punches are being tossed at them. So who are the best at slinging insults and verbal shots during a fight?

Well, recently “Big” John McCarthy was a guest on MMA Radio, and the legendary ref was asked that very question. Who did McCarthy mention? Yup. Nick and Nate Diaz, and Conor McGregor (quote via MMA

“Nick and Nate, they tend to call people ‘bitch’ a lot,” McCarthy recently told MMAjunkie Radio. “‘How’s that, bitch?’ They talk. … At times, it’s hard for me not to laugh. Conor is the one – he’ll sit there and say, ‘Oh, that hurt, didn’t it? How’d that feel?’”

Guess that would have made McGregor – Diaz I and McGregor – Diaz II last year even more entertaining, if you had been within earshot of what was being said in the cage.

McCarthy’s comments here only further demonstrate on how McGregor is a master of mental warfare as well. For sometime now, he’s been regarded as the best trash talker in MMA, and clearly his verbal attacks don’t end once the fight is on.

In contrast, Michael Bisping is unquestionably one of the greatest self promoters and slingers of trash in MMA, but it doesn’t appear as though he says a lot once the fight is on.

As it stands right now, none of the three aforementioned fighters have bouts booked. McGregor is expected to box Floyd Mayweather later this year, if the bout’s finalized of course, and chances are that fight will feature plenty of trash talk.


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