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Nate Diaz Says He’s The “Two-Time World Champ”, While Blasting Conor McGregor

Kelsey Mowatt


Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz likely won’t be fighting anytime soon, but it seems pretty clear their rivalry is very much alive and well.

Since McGregor avenged his submission loss to Diaz last August, by scoring a majority decision win, the lightweight champ’s said he wants a third fight with Diaz, but further down the road. The Irish star’s also argued that he punished Diaz so badly in their rematch, he believes the latter’s camp should advise him against a third bout.

Well, as you certainly know, right now McGregor is focused on boxing Floyd Mayweather, but talk about a rubber match with Diaz hasn’t gone away. Recently the Stockton star was a guest on “The MMA Hour”, and naturally, McGregor was brought up. Here is some of what Diaz had to say about his rival (quote via MMA Fighting):

“Conor is a f*cking bitch,” Diaz said. “He f*cking got his ass whooped, he got choked. And now he’s justifying it because the decision went to him because the company wanted it to go to him. If I get my f*cking ass whooped by somebody, I don’t just win a slight decision and then accept it as a win. So the real champ is right here.”

“I’m the two-time world champ, because I whipped his f*cking ass after he fought Jose Aldo and I whipped his ass right before he fought Eddie Alvarez,” Diaz added. “And he knocked these guys out and everybody seems to have forgot what happened. It just went away?”

There you have it. Now, Diaz also claimed he never said he was going to wait on the sidelines for a third bout with McGregor to materialize.  The outspoken fighter also took issue with folks, who have argued that Diaz should fight Tony Ferguson, as a means to get to McGregor. According to Diaz, the lightweight champ should be the one pushing for a third scrap with him. In fact, Diaz said he doesn’t even want a third fight with McGregor, before telling the star off…

McGregor aside, it doesn’t sound like Diaz will be returning to the Octagon anytime soon.


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