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Dana White Shoots Down Idea He’s Worried Conor McGregor Will Retire After Floyd Mayweather Bout

Kelsey Mowatt


Some folks have floated the idea┬áDana White’s worried Conor McGregor will walk away from fighting after he fights Floyd Mayweather Jr., but┬áthe UFC boss man is shooting down that theory.

Back when rumors first surfaced about a boxing match between McGregor and Mayweather, some argued the UFC would never let the fight happen. The argument being that the UFC brand would suffer too much, if Mayweather picked apart the promotion’s biggest star.

Well, in recent weeks it’s become clear that White and the UFC are involved in negotiations to make the fight happen. But recently Showtime exec Stephen Espinoza reported that talks have ground to a halt. Espinoza said the UFC’s concerned that McGregor will make so much money from fighting Mayweather, he might decide to hang up the gloves.

Well, recently TMZ caught up with White, and the UFC President had this to say in response (quote via Bloody Elbow):

“I saw a quote the other day from a guy from Showtime who said that I’m stalling the thing [Mayweather vs. McGregor] because I’m worried that McGregor will retire after this fight, which is completely false and not even close to being true,” White said.

“To get a deal like this done, this doesn’t happen in a couple months. It’s gonna be a tough deal to get done, if it gets done at all.”

Could McGregor decide to walk away from fighting after the massive payday? It’s possible. Sure. But, chances are McGregor’s going to want to add to his legacy in the Octagon. Particularly if Mayweather dominates their bout, which many believe the undefeated boxer will.


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