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Matt Hughes Wants to Fight Again, Hopes to Land Bout With Opponent Who Has “Same Speed”

Kelsey Mowatt


One of the greatest welterweights in history is looking to fight again. Yes, as the headline above reports, UFC Hall of Famer Matt Hughes wants to make a comeback.

The 43 year-old, former champ was a guest on “The MMA Hour” on Tuesday, and Hughes confirmed that he wants to compete again. According to Hughes, he never wanted to retire, but that both his wife and UFC President Dana White pushed him to do so, after he was KO’d by Josh Koscheck back in 2011.

While discussing his will to fight again, Hughes said this (quote via MMA Fighting):

“I think it’s just the fact that I lost,” Hughes said. “I just dislike getting, you know, Koscheck was my last loss, and BJ was my loss before that, and I fully believe that if those fights went all 15 minutes, I would have got my hand raised. I really do. But I got hit in the wrong spot and I didn’t make it out of the first round both times. I still think I’m very competitive, I think I could be, I haven’t trained real hard in the past couple years, but that’s the problem that keeps me thinking I would have a chance of going in there.”

Now, while discussing a potential opponent, the wrestler also said he has “interest in fighting somebody like Tyron Woodley or [Jorge] Masvidal or some of these young kids,” and that ” I’dwant to have somebody close to my age that would have the same speed, quickness.” Hughes also said that he wants to fight in the UFC, but that he would be willing to compete for another major organization.

So, could this happen? It definitely could, although, it’s difficult to imagine the UFC giving Hughes a fight at this stage of the game. Although, anything’s possible. Bellator, however, seems like a much more likely possibility. After all, they are a company that booked Ken Shamrock vs. Royce Gracie not long ago.


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