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Strikeforce: Heavy Artillery Predictions

Strikeforce Heavy ArtilleryStrikeforce is set to return to both St. Louis and Showtime this Saturday, and their heavyweight champion is finally scheduled to defend his belt. With that, it is also time for some more MMAFrenzy staff predictions.

Champ Alistair Overeem vs. Brett Rogers (Strikeforce Heavyweight Championship):
Justin – Both of these fighters possess big power in their hands, but Overeem also possesses big power in his knees, and has a submission game that most people forget exists. There will be many people pulling for Rogers to upset Overeem due to suspicions about his weight gain, but that won’t help him much. My feeling is that Overeem has more weapons to win the fight than Rogers, plus he has held his own with some of the best Strikers in the world in K-1. Rogers is a explosive, and a brawler, but his striking is nearly as technical as Overeem’s and I don’t think he will have the one shot power that Overeem possesses. I’m picking Overeem by (t)ko in the first.

Chris L. – Well finally, Mr. Overeem is returning to the United States. Granted he looks slightly different from his last appearance Stateside but he is still the same Overeem. He is literally a K-1 level striker and obviously has a technical advantage there. That said Rogers has a lot of power and defeated a legit technical striker in AA. Moreover, Rogers did not look bad against Fedor, which is more than a lot can say. In addition, everyone brings up AA’s glass jaw but Overeem’s jaw is also a little suspect considering Arona forced him to tap to strikes and his move to heavyweight was due to being lit up by Light Heavyweights. How will he do against a heavyweight who is large, with heavy hands, and not well past his prime? My gut says not well. Rogers by TKO in the 2nd.

Kris Karkoski – Alistair Overeem def. Brett Rogers via TKO – Round 2

BSBiz – *Yawn*  In theory, this should be not much more than a warm up for Overeem in preparation for a future fight with Fedor.  In reality, it still won’t be much more than a warm up for Overeem in preparation for a future fight with Fedor.  Overeem in 1st.

FR702 – Strikeforce Heavyweight Championship~ This is Rogers opportunity to establish that he is a top tier HW, it has been quite some time since Overeem has had an opponent that truly has the power to knock him out {ofcourse I’m speaking solely of his recent MMA bouts}, Alistair has a rather good ground game as well, I’ve read about the UberKnee and the UberChoke, but for me this one comes down to who gasses first, if neither of them get finished in the first round, and it looks like Rogers is the likely candidate to gas first…. Alistair Overeem (t)ko 3rd round

Andrei Arlovski vs. Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva:
Justin – Arlovski is coming off of back to back devastating KO losses, first to Fedor Emelianenko and then to Brett Rogers. He is a technical striker, and should be more technical than Silva, but his chin has shown to be suspect as has his ground game. I think Silva will either get this fight to the ground and submit Arlovski or he will get a punch through and drop him, then submit him, most likely in the second round.

Chris L. – AA is the more technical fighter, he is the faster, more experienced fighter, but he is also prone to being KOed more than most fighters. Silva is big with above average Muay Thai and is good on the ground himself. He showed some serious power against Werdum early but was unable to keep up on the ground. I keep hearing AA wants to be a smarter fighter and swears he will listen more to his corner. Well if I were in that corner I would be calling for him to take this fight to the ground, use the SAMBO background, and give Silva another joint in is abnormally large leg. However, I will believe that when I see it. If AA survives the opening round, I see him winning by decision but unless he has added a metal plate in his beard, that opening round will be dangerous. I see AA trying to grind out a decision in what will resemble a K-1 fight. AA by dec.

Kris Karkoski – Andrei Arlovski def. Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva via TKO – Round 2

BSBiz – The Man With the Glass Jaw was a great book by Alexandre Dumas.  While his identity is nowhere near as mysterious as that of the Man In the Iron Masks’, he’s no less tragic.  Arlovski has such a fabled history, it’s a shame that his legacy now consists of being on the receiving end of highlight reel knockouts and starring on Bully Beatdown.  Don’t worry, I’m struggling to find something nice to say about Bigfoot too.  Silva by (T)KO in 1st, but that’s only a reflection on Arlovski’s inability to take a punch.

FR702 – Andrei Arlovski vs. Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva~ AA says he has changed and his mind is clear, “Bigfoot” punches pretty damn hard, my heart goes to AA on this one, but his past performances tell me other wise, I really like Arlovski and want him to come back and be a force, I don’t believe this is the fight that is going to bring him back “BigFoot” Silva via UD

Ronaldo “Jacare” Souza vs. Joey Villasenor:
Justin – Villasenor has shown himself to have some top level striking, but Souza’s isn’t bad, but Souza’s ground game is on a level that is unmatched in MMA. I expect to see “Jacare” work his way inside, take Villasenore down and submit him in the first round, likely earning himself a chance at the Strikeforce middleweight belt.

Chris L. – In a battle of two awesome nicknames (Jacaré versus Smokin’ Joe), I think Souza just proves to be too polished in all aspects for Villasenor. I see Souza taking this to the ground and finishing the fight by submission via armbar from the mount in the 2nd.

Kris Karkoski – Ronaldo “Jacare Souza def. Joey Villasenor via submission – Round 1

BSBiz –Joey Villasenor is no joke.  He’s a mean guy who kicks puppies and doesn’t replace the toilet paper roll.  He does, however, help old ladies across the street and has a collection of showtunes.  As you can tell, I know nearly nothing about him.  Jacare, by all accounts, is one of the best BJJ guys in the game right now.  And he was faring quite well against recently deposed Light Heavyweight champion Mousasi until he got knocked out by an upkick and has beaten Jason Miller once and a No Contest due to an illegal kick to the head of a grounded Jacare.  The only question is will Joey be able to keep it standing to have a prayer.  No.  No, he won’t.  Jacare by submission in 1st.

FR702 – Villasenor is nobodys pushover, the man can flat strike and he also can take a hell of a punch he has all the experience that one can ask for, Villasenor has 10 submission victories to his credit and has only been sub’d once, did I mention that his opponent in Ronaldo “Jacare” Souza, yaaaaa then that happend… Am I saying that Jacare is going to “walk” through Villasenor, no I don’t think that is going to happen, Joe’s best bet is to keep this fight standing and win via (t)ko, but he is up against {imo} the best BJJ artist in the world, who’s standup is getting better each fight thanks to his training at BlackHouse. This is a huge fight for the growth of one of the up and coming stars in MMA, I see Jacare standing on the outside and biding his time for his shot, once to the ground I see transition to transition then Jacare wins via sub round 1 or 2

Roger Gracie vs. Kevin Randleman:
Justin In my opinion, Randleman is past his prime and has little to offer. Everything I’ve seen about Gracie is that his submission game is top notch, and while Randleman is known for his wrestling prowess, he is also known for weak submission defense. I expect Gracie to submit Randleman, probably in the first.

Chris L. – How many more MMA losses can the Gracie family take before they learn that striking is a part of martial arts too… That said… I do not see that being an issue in this fight. Randleman is on the downside of his career and the abuse is really taking a toll on him. He has the skill set to take out Gracie but I think the age factor comes into play the longer the fight goes. I think Randleman comes in overaggressive as always, gasses after the first, and is finished off via guillotine choke (after a bad shot) in the 2nd.

Kris Karkoski – Roger Gracie def. Kevin Randleman via submission – Round 1

BSBiz – Roger Gracie is arguably the best heavyweight pure jiu jitsu guy on the planet right now, having defeated Werdum, Aoki, Jacare, and Robert Drysdale at the World Jiu Jitsu Championships and also faring well (to say the least) at the 2005 ADCC event.  Kevin Randleman isn’t dead.  He’s got that going for him.  Gracie by submission.

FR702 – Roger Gracie vs. Kevin Randleman~Wrestler v Grappler, but this wrestler has hands (ask CC) yet for me this is a no brainier Roger Gracie by submission rd 1 mind you if Randleman hits Roger really really hard that can change the entire fight, Gracie should be able to pull guard and end this one rather quickly..

Antwain Britt vs. Rafael “Feijao” Cavalcante:
Justin – Britt has won a lot of fights by TKO, but he’s also been submitted a few times. Cavalcante has also shown an affinity for winning by TKO, but he also lost disappointingly in the same manner at his Strikeforce debut, a loss he has since bounced back from. This fight very well could come down to who connects first, by most accounts “Feijao” is the favorite, and a rising star, but I have a suspicion that Britt will connect and come out on top, winning by second round (t)ko.

Chris L. – This fight may be the shortest of the night and a sure fire KO of the night. Calvacante trains with the best in the world and is a powerful striker. Britt is powerful striker but less polished and taking the Blackhouse fighter to the ground proves to be riskier than trading with him. While Britt has a punchers chance, I think Calvacante’s training shines through here and he provides a KO that will make Soares and Co. feel better after last weekend. Calvacante via KO in the 1st.

Kris Karkoski – Rafael “Feijao” Cavalcante def. Antwain Britt via TKO – Round 2

BSBiz – Antwain Britt only has about a .500 record in MMA.  However, that don’t mean beans when it comes to this fight with Feijao (see what I did there?).  You will remember Antwain Britt from TUF 8 when he beat Ryan Jimmo to get into the house, but broke his hand and was replaced by future semi-finalist Elliot Marshall.  Cavalcante has power in his hands, and won’t be afraid to use it on Mr. Britt.  Feijao in third.

FR702 – This is a fight between two strong guys, the last fight that I personally saw Antwain Britt fight in was his destruction of Scott Lighty at Strikeforce “Evolution”. If that same Britt shows up and is focused against Cavalcante he has a good chance of coming away the victor, Cavalcante has all the talent when he wants to, he has also been known to get overwhelmed and/or gas. I’m going to pick “Feijao” by grinding out a decision

Vitor Ribeiro vs. Lyle Beerbohm:
Justin This is the only undercard fight I know much about, and it should be a good one. Beerbohm is a slight underdog, but I have been nothing but impressed with “Fancy Pants” in every fight I’ve seen of his. Both men have shown tremendous grappling prowess, but Beerbohm has won more fights with strikes. Also, Ribeiro has spent most of his career fighting in a ring, though he does have experience in a cage, while Beerbohm has most of his experience inside a cage. That may play a role in the outcome of the fight but then it might not. My pick is Beerbohm by (t)ko in the second, but I just hope that Strikeforce finds some way to make this fight available to the public. There were reports they were working on a live stream on line, but I haven’t seen any confirmation that that had come through.

Chris L. – In another great match up of nicknames (shaolin vs fancypants), I think styles will play a big role. Beerbohm has never faced a grappler quite like Riberio (to be fair, few are at that level) and his wrestling style plays directly into Riberio’s game. I think that unless Beerbohm keeps it “uninteresting” and smothers Riberio he will eventually end up being caught. I think he is caught partly due to fatigue (and wanting to finish the fight via TKO) and is submitted via triangle choke in the 3rd.

Kris Karkoski -Lyle Beerbohm def. Vitor “Shaolin” Ribeiro via TKO – Round 3

BSBiz – If you’re going to willingly take the name “Fancy Pants”, you’re probably going to back it up.  Beerbohm in 2nd.

FR702 -This is a very exciting fight and it is unfortunate that it isn’t on the televised portion of this event.. Shaolin v Fancy Pants is going to be nice, Vitor’s biggest win came against Kawajiri many moons ago {Kawajiri has won thier most recent fight} and his biggest loss came to Shinya Aoki in Ribeiro’s last bout almost a year ago, Shoalin is a excellent submission fighter, I think that if the undefeated “Fancy Pants” can keep this bout standing he poses the biggest threat to end this fight, when it goes to the ground Ribeiro is the clear favorite, this is a close and exciting fight on paper but I’m going to pick “Fancy Pants” via (t)ko rd 2


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