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Dana White says Randy Belongs to Him

The Canadian Press has a number of quotes from Dana White taken from yesterday’s UFC 77 press conference. During the conference Dana White was questioned about his thoughts on the shocking departure of Randy Couture from the UFC. White admits that he was very shocked, particularly since Couture had signed a new contract just 8 months ago. Dana White made it very clear that Randy Couture is still property of the UFC. White told reporters,

“Oh he definitely belongs to me, he’s under contract to me. No doubt about it.”

Upon resigning from the UFC, Couture cited two main reasons. First, Randy was disappointed that the UFC was unable to sign top ranked heavyweight, Fedor Emelianenko, a fighter that Couture has been extremely interested in facing. Second, Randy felt like he was being underpaid compared some of the other less accomplished fighters in the UFC. When asked about his thoughts on Couture’s reasons for leaving the UFC, White responded,

“The whole thing is mind-boggling to me. This is not Randy Couture. I’ve dealt with the guy for eight years and I would have never expected this. But he’s upset and we’ll either figure it out or we won’t. Randy Couture is a multimillionaire, don’t ever feel sorry for a multimillionaire, OK? A lot of these guys are multimillionaires, they make millions and millions of dollars.”


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