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Tyron Woodley Talks Georges St-Pierre, Says Former Champ Acted “Cowardly”

Kelsey Mowatt


Georges St-Pierre has argued that fighting Michael Bisping provides him a challenge and a means to enhance his legacy, but Tyron Woodley clearly doesn’t see it that way.

Not long after it was announced that St-Pierre had come to terms on a new UFC deal, the promotion announced he was going to fight the middleweight champ, in GSP’s return bout. The match-up was met with mixed reviews, since St-Pierre has never fought at 185 in the UFC.

Well, as you know, since St-Pierre won’t be ready to fight until November, UFC boss man Dana White has said the bout with Bisping is off. So, as it stands right now, it’s not clear when and who the former welterweight champ will fight.

Well, Woodley appeared on “The MMA Hour” last week, and once again, the champ called for a bout with St-Pierre. Here is just some of what Woodley had to say (quote via MMA Fighting):

“I’m the best welterweight in the world and I feel like Georges St-Pierre should’ve fought me,” Woodley said. “He should’ve come back (to welterweight). Fighting Bisping, I think that was the cowardly move. He’s going to fight someone who doesn’t have the ability to concuss him like I would, or Johny Hendricks would, or Robbie Lawler would. That’s why he went (up in weight).

“If Stephen Thompson would’ve beaten me, I guarantee that his first fight back would’ve been against Stephen Thompson, a similar karate-style fighter that he’s probably seen a million times, he’s trained with him, he doesn’t have the one-punch KO power, he’s not going to submit him, he’s not going to stop his shot. It’s the safer fight for a big payday. So with that said, I just kinda raise my eyebrows, the fact that he would go up a weight class when there’s a willing, dominant champion that wants to take you on that’s excited about the fight…”

GSP boosters have a different take on the situation. St-Pierre has said he wants to build on his legacy and adding another division’s title would certainly do that. Further, St-Pierre has noted that Bisping is a much bigger man than him. Those arguments, however, don’t seem to be resonating with critics of the fight.


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