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Dana White Gives His Odds of Conor McGregor – Floyd Mayweather Going Down


Dana White said recently that there’s so much money to be made with a Conor McGregor – Floyd Mayweather bout, he’s certain it will happen, but, now he’s outlined odds of the fight going down.

In March, while appearing on “Conan”, White said he couldn’t see how the long discussed boxing match wouldn’t take place, since it’s going to generate a ridiculous amount of cash.

Well, this week, while speaking to the media before a Mets game at Citifield, White relayed that he thinks there’s a 75% chance of McGregor – Mayweather getting finalized (according to a report from MMA Fighting). White’s comments come not long after he and the UFC came to terms with McGregor for the bout. Now, White is trying to finish Mayweather’s end of the deal.

To date, Mayweather has repeatedly said that he’s the “A side”, and that he deserves more of the bout’s revenue. White, however, had this to say about the split:

“We haven’t even got there yet,” White said. “We haven’t even talked percentages yet. … Floyd can think whatever, but the machine that the UFC has and Conor McGregor alone is a machine by himself. I think that 50-50 is pretty fair.”

Now, if White and McGregor are sticking to a 50-50 split, then the odds of this fight taking place are likely much less than 75%. White was also asked for his take on how many PPV buys McGregor – Mayweather could move, and he stated “conservatively, between 2-1/2 and 4 million buys”. That’s a lot of money, so maybe, just maybe, Mayweather would be okay with taking half?


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