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So Why Didn’t Jose Aldo Throw More Leg Kicks at UFC 212? His Coach Weighs-In

Kelsey Mowatt

UFC 212

Leading up to UFC 212, informed fans and pundits alike, understood that Jose Aldo’s leg kicks could play a pivotal role in his scrap with Max Holloway. Well, if you saw Saturday’s bout, you know Aldo threw very few of his feared kicks, prior to being stopped in round three. So why was that?

Following Aldo’s defeat, his long time coach, Andre Pederneiras, spoke with MMA Fighting. While discussing how the fight unfolded, and why we didn’t see more leg kicks from the Brazilian star, the Nova Uniao coach said this:

“Holloway started to feel more confident in the end of the second round,” Pederneiras said. “He was more confident, but Aldo was fine. I said it was 2-0, that he should breathe, and I gave him the instruction about the left hand that was low. It was clear that Holloway’s game was over his low left hand.

“I think Aldo didn’t do some things that we trained, like takedowns, for an example. And when you don’t use all your weapons, it gets complicated. Many people asked why he didn’t kicked, but, considering Holloway’s stance in the fight, there was the risk of Aldo throwing a kick and falling back down.”

 There you have it. Although, you have to wonder if perhaps nerves got to Aldo a bit, as it certainly looked like there were opportunities for him to throw the kicks. It’s also interesting to hear that takedowns were part of the original gameplan. Prior to the event, some observers wondered if Aldo might look to take the fight down, due to Holloway’s length and range.
It was a remarkable performance from Holloway, who ate some heavy shots early on, and kept coming to put away the legendary featherweight.


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