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Alexander Gustafsson Accuses Jon Jones of Using PEDs Again


Recently Alexander Gustafsson accused Jon Jones of having using performance enhancing drugs for their 2013 war, and the Swedish star isn’t backing away from those comments.

Jones and Gustafsson got into it recently on Twitter, following “The Mauler’s” revelation that he doesn’t think “Bones” is a good person, and that he’ll be cheering for Daniel Cormier, July 29th. Jones and Cormier are scheduled to battle on that date at UFC 214.

Jones clearly didn’t care for the comments, as he proceeded to call Gustafsson a “dork”. Jones also argued that the latter’s “lack of heart”, is why the Swedish fighter lost their 2013 bout. Gustafsson returned fire by saying a lack of USADA, is why Jones won. The accusation being that Jones was using PEDs.

Well, on Monday’s “MMA Hour”, Gustafsson was asked if he believes Jones was in fact using PEDs, when they battled several years ago. Gustafsson responded with this (quote via MMA Fighting):

“I believe so, I believe so,” said Gustafsson. “I think he’s been doing a lot of stuff that he shouldn’t be doing. It’s tragic to say, but I believe he’s been doing sh*t he shouldn’t for a long time.”

It’s going to be interesting to see how or if Jones responds to these types of comments now, and moving forward. Although Jones’ camp was able to demonstrate that a tainted sexual performance enhancement pill was responsible for his USADA flag last year, the incident has opened him up to these types of accusations.

Gustafsson also had this to say, while discussing his dislike of Jones:

“He’s been getting caught for everything, it feels like one thing after the other, but the way he was sitting on the stage with DC and he just said he did cocaine a week before he fought him. He’s not even embarrassed telling that stuff, he’s just proud telling that stuff. For me it’s just, you don’t do that, come on — not [with] being such a good fighter.”

 If Jones and Gustafsson do end up fighting again, the lead up to the bout is going to be extremely interesting.



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