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TJ Dillashaw Responds to Demetrious Johnson, Says “There is no Line to Jump” at 125


Earlier this week, Demetrious Johnson outlined why he’s turned down a bout with TJ Dillashaw, and laid out various grievances he has with the UFC, but the latter continues to push for the fight.

When UFC boss man Dana White initially proposed that Dillashaw face Johnson next, the flyweight champ said that other contenders deserve a title shot. The argument being that since Dillashaw hasn’t fought at 125, he shouldn’t be a able to drop down, straight into a championship bout.

Since then, however, Johnson has reported he has other issues with the UFC. In a lengthy statement “Mighty Mouse” recently released, he accused the UFC and White of bullying him to fight Dillashaw. Johnson claims White threatened to get rid of the flyweight division, altogether, if he doesn’t fight Dillashaw. In addition, Johnson argued that the UFC hasn’t done its part to promote him effectively.

Well, recently Dillashaw spoke with MMA, and he continued to make the case for why Johnson should fight him:

“(Johnson) wants pay-per-view, which he would get if he fights me,” Dillashaw said. “He wants to be promoted, which he would get if he fights me. We both want the same thing – we both want to be the best pound-for-pound fighters in the world, as well as make a lot of money and be promoted. To fix all those problems, the only thing he has to do is fight me.

“Demetrious wants to say I’m jumping the line to fight him when there is no line to jump. Cody jumping in front of me to fight for the title is a bigger jump than me jumping the line at 125 to fight him.”

Ray Borg may have something to say about the “no line to jump” comment. It’s going to be interesting to see what happens here, as this situation has gotten real messy, real quick. Dillashaw hasn’t fought now since December, when he scored a UD win over John Lineker.


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