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The Ultimate Fighter 11 – Episode 8 Recap

The Ultimate Fighter 11 CastAfter a recap of last week’s episode, which included Nick Ring aggravating a knee injury, Court McGee replacing injured teammate Rich Attonito, and Team Ortiz’s Kris McCray and Kyacey Uscola being tapped for the wildcard bout, episode eight of The Ultimate Fighter 11 begins with Uscola learning that his son has been born.

It’s immediately fight day and McCray and Uscola head to the gym, while coach Tito Ortiz will simply be a spectator for the teammate vs. teammate matchup.

Uscola says his newfound responsibility means he can’t fail, while McCray expects fireworks with both fighters coming off losses.

The pair look to find their range with punches and kicks, then Uscola connects with a kick that seemingly hurts McCray’s knee. Uscola rushes in, but it’s McCray who scores a takedown, before they quickly stand into a clinch. McCray scores with knees to the leg before eventually catching Uscola in the groin. McCray connects again on the restart, then tosses Uscola, but eats a knee to the body as they scramble back to their feet. McCray picks Uscola up and dumps him to the canvas and promptly takes mount. Uscola gives up his back and McCray drops punches, then follows with elbows before working for a submission as the round ends.

Uscola rushes forward with a punch to begin the second, then clinches, but McCray reverses and gets Uscola down again and is into side control. McCray grabs an arm and forces Uscola to tap.

Ortiz and McCray are pleased with his performance, while Uscola is understandably disappointed with the result of his second chance.

The coaches meet with Dana White to share their opinions on the potential quarterfinal matchups, but Chuck Liddell has no suggestions, while Ortiz pushes for a rematch between Ring and Court McGee. With the rivals failing to find much agreements on the bouts, White dismisses the coaches to re-join their teams while he finalizes the fights.

White returns to the gym and announces that the semifinal matchups will be Nick Ring vs. Court McGee, Kyle Noke vs. Kris McCray, Brad Tavares vs. Seth Baczynski, and Jamie Yeager vs. Josh Bryant.

Ortiz is positive about the matchups, while Liddell too says his team has chances to win all of the bouts and hopes Tito can be sent home if his team can win all four fights.

Sporting a ‘creepy’ trench coat and beard, Forrest Griffin shows up at the house for a ‘date night’ and plays UFC Undisputed 2010 with the cast.

Next, Ring heads to the doctor and learns he has a torn ACL and will require a third knee surgery, but could continue fighting if he could face the pain and, potentially, more damage. Ring describes his options as trying to continue in the competition and ‘completely f*** his leg’ or withdraw and undergo another surgery now and live to fight another day.

White arrives at the house and Ring informs him that he will opt to undergo the surgery despite a go-ahead from the doctor and will not continues in the competition. A disappointed White informs the fighters of Ring’s decision and says he’ll meet with Chuck and Tito to determine a replacement for his fight with Court.

With much of the cast injured, Joe Henle thinks it’s his chance to re-enter the competition, but James Hammortree has other plans, as he chases Dana down and tells him he wants the fight.

Impressed by Hammortree’s willingness to fight despite a recent back injury, White immediately heads back inside and announces that Hammortree will face Court McGee in the first quarterfinal.

It’s quickly fight day and Hammortree and McGee head to the Octagon with the first semifinal spot on the line.

After trading some punches early, Hammortree stuffs an early takedown by McGee. After more back-and-forth exchanges, McGee drags Hammortree to the ground and drops some punches before they return to their feet. Both fighters connect with punches before McGee scores another takedown from the clinch and tries for a rear naked choke, but Hammortree slips away and stands. McGee connects again before shooting for another takedown, but this one is stopped. Hammortree gets a late takedown and takes McGee’s back, but is quickly reversed and McGee finishes the round on top.

Hammortree connects with a combination to start the second, then shoots for a takedown, but McGee grabs a guillotine, stays on his feet, and forces Hammortree to tap to advance to the semifinals.

White is impressed by McGee’s victory, and says his improving, well-rounded skills make him a darkhorse to win the show.

Next week on The Ultimate Fighter 11, we finally learn the “shocking news” that forces Tito Ortiz off the show and out of his fight with Liddell, Kyle Noke takes on Kris McCray, Brad Tavares faces Seth Baczynski, and a controversial decision leads to a heated showdown between the coaches.

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