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Dana White Outlines Why He’s “Pretty Confident” Conor McGregor Will Fight in UFC This Year


Although Conor McGregor is boxing Floyd Mayweather on August 26th, and will make an obscene amount of money, Dana White’s optimistic 2017 won’t end without the star fighting in the Octagon.

McGregor has yet to compete this year, as the UFC’s lightweight champ elected to take some time off, in advance of the birth of his son. On Wednesday it was announced that McGregor will return to competition on the aforementioned date, in a 12 round boxing match with Mayweather in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Now, when you consider how huge of an event it’s going to be, and how much money McGregor is going to make, one wouldn’t be too surprised if the Irish fighter elected to take a vacation afterwards In fact, some folks have even questioned if McGregor will ever fight again.

Well, following the news that Mayweather – McGregor is a go, White reported this, while discussing if the latter will fight in the UFC this year (quote via FOX Sports):

“I’m pretty confident,” White said. “In the conversation that I had with him, he’s fired up for this fight and he’s excited to fight again and defend his [UFC] title by the end of the year. Nothing is a guarantee. You can’t be guaranteed anybody’s ever going to fight again.

“The reason that this fight is so big and the reason that he’s such a huge superstar is becomes this guy will fight anybody, anywhere, any time. He’s going to step in and fight Floyd Mayweather under boxing rules. These are the reasons people love this kid.”

McGregor may be thinking this way now, but you have to wonder, if he’ll feel the same way, come August 27th. After all, the lead up to the bout, and the fight itself, could be very taxing.

Further, if the bout doesn’t go well for McGregor, and he takes some hard shots, he might decide to wait until 2018 for his UFC return. Then again, a loss might serve as motivation to remind folks of his abilities in mixed-martial-arts. Rather than his skills in a sport where you can only throw punches….


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