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Dillon Danis Weighs-In on Conor McGregor’s Future in MMA

Kelsey Mowatt


Since Conor McGregor will make a ridiculous amount of money, when he throws hands with Floyd Mayweather, some people have questioned whether the Irish star will return to the Octagon. But, it sounds like one of his coaches and training partners, Dillon Danis, is pretty certain McGregor will return to the UFC.

McGregor and Mayweather will box on August 26th, and if things go as well as expected, it’s believed that both men could make $100 million or more…So, obviously, McGregor will never need to lace on the gloves again. If he beats Mayweather, or does well against the undefeated fighter, then more opportunities in the boxing ring will very likely be tabled. If you follow combat sports, then you know that big time boxing bouts, deliver more cash to the participants, then in MMA.

Well, recently Danis was asked by TMZ Sports if he believes McGregor might stick with boxing, after he fights Mayweather. The renowned jiu-jitsu practitioner had this to say (quote via MMA Fighting):

“He can do what he wants. He’s the one that they’re all trying to get a fight with, in boxing and in MMA. So he has his options. MMA is his passion so I would think he’d go back to that but he has the option. . . At the end of the day, we’re all competitors. But whatever he wants to do, he has options.”

It is kind of hard to imagine McGregor giving up fighting, or not returning to MMA. But, it will be interesting to see who McGregor is willing to fight in the Octagon, moving forward. Will he accept bouts with #1 contenders? If there’s no huge payday attached? Further, if he can hang with Mayweather, will McGregor want to take other boxing bouts moving forward? Probably right?

Danis, by the way, is predicting that McGregor is going to knockout Mayweather…


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