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“King Mo” Lawal: Conor McGregor Will “be Seeing Things He’s Never Seen Before”


“King Mo” Lawal has spent a lot of time training his hands, and has been coached by Floyd Mayweather’s uncle, so it’s not surprising to hear he believes Conor McGregor will be outgunned, August 26th.

McGregor will box Floyd Mayweather Jr. on that night, in what many believe will be the highest grossing fight in combat sports history. Since the bout was officially announced last week, pundits, observers and fighters from all around the world have been asked to weigh-in on the contest.

Case in point, recently Lawal was a guest on The Luke Thomas Show, and here is some of what he had to say about Mayweather – McGregor (quotes via Bloody Elbow):

“He’s gonna be seeing things he’s never seen before, with Floyd. Floyd’s seen everything, he spars everybody.”

“The main thing that’s gonna hurt Conor that talks about are the body shots,” Lawal added. “Floyd does his jab to the belly button, it’s a jab right above the navel that he does to everybody, and it slows them down, it drains their energy.”

“People don’t realize the body shots. Floyd’s a pretty good body puncher, and they don’t see it because they’re looking for the big punches. Floyd touches you with stuff that you don’t even see coming, and you don’t expect them to hurt, but it hurts you.”

As noted above, Lawal’s been honing his skills in the sweet science for years, and he’s also trained with Jeff Mayweather. So, he’s knows a thing or two about boxing. The comments here about body shots are very interesting, and you have to wonder if Mayweather will really target McGregor in this respect.

Lawal also took issue with the notion that Mayweather has trouble with southpaws, which is an argument Dana White has also pushed. Lawal reminded folks that Mayweather has never lost a pro bout; to a lefty or anyone else for that matter.

“King Mo”, meanwhile, has yet to be booked for his next bout, following his decision win over “Rampage” Jackson in March.


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