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So Derrick Lewis Isn’t Retiring After All….


A couple of weeks after Derrick Lewis shocked the MMA world by announcing he was likely done fighting, the heavyweight has announced he wants to keep scrapping after all…

After Lewis was stopped by Mark Hunt earlier this month at UFC FN 110, the 32 year-old cited a back injury he’s been dealing with, and the stress his family endures via his fighting career, as to why he was likely done. At the time, a lot of folks predicted Lewis would keep fighting, including Hunt.

Well, on the latest “MMA Hour”, Lewis relayed that he’s not retiring, and that he wants to return as-soon-as-possible, if his back allows (quote via MMA Fighting):

“We’re just hoping that we don’t have to get surgery, because I thought about it a little bit, and it’s not going to be my last fight,” Lewis said. “I’m going to try to get back in there as soon as I can, and we’ll find out Wednesday, see what’s going on and if it’s not too serious. Hopefully I can get back in there before the end of the year.”

There you have it. Now, after Lewis was stopped by Hunt, both Francis Ngannou and Travis Browne took shots at the powerful fighter on Twitter. Here’s some of what Lewis had to say about all that in the interview:

“Whenever the booty-scratcher (Ngannou) started talking sh*t, and Travis Browne waking up from the dead, talking sh*t.”

“That guy (Ngannou) is not impressed with nobody, so it’s normal for him to say anything stupid. … Travis Browne don’t know what’s he thinking. Travis, he’s out there, man. That guy has been knocked out so many times, he’s been rocked so many times, he don’t know what to say…”

So, hopefully Lewis gets some good news regarding his back, and we’ll see him back in the cage before the year is out. Since he lost to Hunt, one would think a bout with Ngannou won’t happen next, but you never know.


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