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Conor McGregor’s Sparring Partner Says a Right Hand From UFC Champ “Lifted me Off my Feet”


Plenty of folks, particularly observers from the boxing world, have been questioning the boxing skills of Conor McGregor. But, one of the men who is helping him prepare for his August 26th boxing match with Floyd Mayweather, is heaping praise on the star’s pugilistic abilities.

That man is  Tiernan Bradley, who is a  2015 Commonwealth Youth Games silver medalist in the sweet science, and is reportedly adept at mimicking Mayweather. Bradley was apparently recommended by Conor Wallace, who was brought in to help McGregor prepare for his bouts with Nate Diaz.

Well, after a recent sparring session with McGregor, Bradley told MMA Fighting the following:

“Conor is a very good boxer,” Bradley said. “He doesn’t move like any other boxer. He’s powerful, fast and light on his feet … He’s very good at getting in and out and connecting. He’s so quick on his feet it’s very hard to judge the distance with him.

“He’s so fast and unpredictable — that’s a very dangerous combination. I don’t think Mayweather has ever boxed anyone like that…”

“I don’t know if you’ve seen the photo that he uploaded onto his Instagram after our session. People are talking about his left hand and whether the power will be there with 10-ounce gloves — he lifted me off my feet with a right uppercut in 16 (ounce gloves)!”

Sure. Some folks will put the brakes on this praise, since it’s coming from McGregor’s training partner and fellow countrymen. But, it is interesting to hear Bradley’s take on McGregor’s boxing skills, and why he believes the lightweight champ is a legit threat for Mayweather.

Bradley also said McGregor has an “unreal sense of confidence” and that he “oozes” self-belief. So, this is another person who has reported that McGregor really believes he can take out Mayweather, one of the greatest boxers of this generation, if not ever. In other words, it’s not just about the money.

August 26th is going to be one crazy night. The upcoming bout will take place in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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