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The Ultimate Fighter 11 – Episode 9 Recap

The Ultimate Fighter 11 CastFollowing a recap of last week’s episode, which saw Kris McCray earn his way back into the competition with a win over Kyacey Uscola and Court McGee advance to the semifinals with a victor over James Hammortree, McCray and Kyle Noke, who are friends and former training partners, immediately weigh-in for their quarterfinal showdown.

White says says the friendly matchup with teach the fighters that “there are no friends in the UFC”.

At the gym, coach Tito Ortiz returns from a trip to the doctor and says he’ll require another surgery on his neck after experiencing numbness, headaches, and trouble sleeping on a daily basis. Ortiz estimates that he has 5 years of fight left, and says he’ll put that in jeopardy if he continues to fight injured as he has for years and won’t risk Chuck beating him simply because he’s injured.

It’s quickly time for the first fight, and McCray and Noke head to the Octagon with another semifinal spot on the line.

McCray scores an early takedown, but does little on the ground before Noke scrambles back to his feet. After separating from the clinch, McCray shoots and earns another takedown but Noke again neutralizes most of his offense on the ground and they simply exchange body shots. Noke stands and they trade punches and knees in clinch before Noke drops for a guillotine, but McCray survives and they return to their feet. After neutralizing each other in the clinch, they fall to canvas as Noke tries to grab an arm but McCray instead settles into his guard. Noke does what he can from bottom, while McCray struggles to get free and unleash any offense before the round ends.

The second begins with McCray slamming Noke to the ground. Noke tries to stand, but is promptly taken down again. McCray goes to work from half guard, but manages to connect with little more than body shots. Noke looks for subs from the bottom, while McCray maintains control. Noke scrambles back to his feet and gets a takedown of his own, where he takes McCray’s back. After a struggle, he locks in a rear naked choke, but McCray survives and reverses into Noke’s guard. Noke tries to stand, but McCray keeps him on the ground for the remainder of the round.

Team Ortiz is confident McCray has done enough to earn the decision, and Dana White agrees, telling Octagon girl Chandella there won’t be a third round, but the judges have scored it a draw and we head to a third round to the visible displeasure of Ortiz.

McCray gets another takedown to begin the third and grinds away with elbows, but can do little more than control Noke. Noke limits the damage, but is unable to escape and McCray keeps him pinned against the fence. McCray finally starts to connect with ground and pound, then Noke tries for kimura, but it’s unsuccessful. With a minute remaining, they’re stood up and Noke missed with a flying knee. McCray quickly clinches and tries for a takedown, but simply keeps Noke pressed against the fence for the closing seconds.

Kris McCray earns the final round, and advances to the semifinals with the unanimous decision win.

After the bout, White says Noke needs to work on his wrestling and can’t expect to succeed in the sport without takedown defense.

Brad Tavares and Seth Baczynski immediately hit the scales and make their fight official, with White picking Tavares to win the matchup.

At the house, coach Chuck Liddell is frustrated when he learns that Ortiz will likely need surgery and be unable to fight him at the end of the season and goes on a verbal tirade over Ortiz’s antics.

After calming down, Liddell pleads that if he has to put up with Tito for 6 weeks while taping the show, he better be able to fight him.

It’s again fight day, and Tavares and Baczynski head to Octagon to duke it out for a semifinal slot.

Tavares connects with a combo as Baczysnki shoots in for an early takedown, but Tavares keeps in standing briefly and they trade shots in the clinch before Baczynski finally drags him down. Baczynski quickly takes his back and connects with some punches before trying for the rear naked choke, but Tavares fights it off. Baczynski latches on the body triangle and with Tavares unable to shake him, connects with more punches. He tries for the RNC again, but Tavares again survives before finally slipping away and returning to his feet. Tavares lands some big punches before dropping into Baczynski’s guard. Baczynski locks on a triangle, but Tavares slams free and drops more punches. Tavares tees off with punches late and they scramble to their feet, where Tavares misses with a knee and slips to the ground. Baczynski blasts Tavares with an illegal soccer kick to the head and he collapses to the canvas as the round ends.

Tavares stumbles to his corner and asks “what did he hit me with”. After being examined by the doctor, it’s determined Tavares is unable to continue and the fight is called off.

Tito argues that Tavares got kicked legally in the chest, and one of his assistants says Team Liddell already got one “gift” (referring to Rich Attonito’s win by disqualification on episode four), which understandably upsets the nearby Attonito.

Tavares is announced as the winner by disqualification, and while neither Tavares nor Baczynski is upset by the call, Ortiz begins yelling at Liddell’s fighters, prompting “The Iceman” to rush at Ortiz only to be held back by his fighters. A shoving match ensues, but cooler heads finally prevail, but not before White quips about MMA being a “civilized sport”.

With Liddell already upset, White decides it’s time to sit him down and tells him that Tito has indeed pulled out of their fight. A furious Liddell immediately stands and says “I’m gonna go punch him”.

Next week on The Ultimate Fighter 11, White informs Ortiz that he can no longer be a coach after withdrawing from his bout with Liddell, Jamie Yeager and Josh Bryant meet in the last quarterfinal which again ends in “anarchy,” and the semifinal matchups are announced.

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