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Coach of Amanda Nunes Responds to Dana White, Says Critics Need to “Respect Her Decision”

UFC 213

Dana White sent some extra heat Amanda Nunes’ way this past weekend, by speculating her withdrawal from UFC 213 was largely due to mental reasons, rather than physical. But since then the bantamweight champ’s coach has responded to White and her critics.

Not long before UFC 213 was set to begin, the promotion announced that Nunes was pulling out of her bout with Valentina Shevchenko due to illness. After the card, however, White reported that doctors had medically cleared Nunes to compete, and then he speculated her withdrawal was “90% mental”. 

Well, MMA Fighting spoke with one of Nunes’ coaches, Conan Silveira. Here is some of what the renowned coach had to say about the situation:

“Critics and dumb people get together and form an opinion that doesn’t exist,” Silveira said. “Even fighters saying she was scared. Amanda is not scared of anyone. She retired Miesha Tate, she retired Ronda Rousey. Not to mention that she already beat Valentina by unanimous decision. How did she become scared now? Know the facts before you have your opinion.”

“If you have a mouth you can say whatever you want,” Silveira said while discussing White’s comments. “Every person has their own opinion. What he said is what a promoter says. It was enough for him to hear the doctor clearing her, but at the end of the day, Amanda is the one who steps in there to fight. Opinions from everyone else are nothing but opinions. You have to respect her decision. She’s the champion. What everyone else says means nothing.”
Silveira also reported, what Nunes has as well, in that she returned to the hospital on Saturday, and was diagnosed with chronic sinusitis and prescribed antibiotics. The champion has also said she was having trouble breathing and maintaining her balance.
Now, would, or have other fighters fought with these symptoms? It’s extremely likely. But does that mean Nunes should have done so? As Silveira outlined, it’s difficult to imagine that Nunes dropped out as a result of being intimidated of Shevchenko.


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