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UFC 214: Daniel Cormier Weighs-In on Recent “Tame Your Demons” Trailer Featuring Jon Jones

Kelsey Mowatt

UFC 214

Recently the UFC released a new trailer for its July 29th card, which featured Jon Jones much more than his opponent, Daniel Cormier, but the light-heavyweight champ doesn’t seem bothered by the decision.

Several days ago, the promotion posted the “Tame Your Demons” trailer for Cormier – Jones II, which covered the various scandals “Bones” has had in recent years. When Cormier and Jones battle at UFC 214, the latter will be attempting to reclaim the belt he lost in 2015, as a result of his well documented hit-and-run incident. In January of that year, Jones worked his way to a decision win over Cormier, which marks the only time the new champ has been defeated.

Recently Cormier appeared on MMA Junkie Radio, and the decorated wrestler was asked to weigh-in on the new trailer, which seemed to generate a fair amount of buzz online. Here is some of what “DC” had to say about the video (quote via MMA Junkie):

“I think the story of redemption is an easy sell,”

“I feel like, watching it, I was like two parties,” Cormier said. “You saw all the ups and downs of his career, and I was the steady, more adult voice in that promo, which is I think the narrative of the fight. The steady person vs. the up-and-down person.”

“I like having the opportunity of being the person that doesn’t allow for the redemption,” Cormier added. “I will not allow him to have the ultimate redemption.”

Considering everything that has gone down with Jones in recent years, it’s not surprising the UFC has gone this route, in terms of promoting the fight. It is an interesting story line, and a lot of folks want to see if Jones can work his way back to the top.

Further, Cormier has repeatedly raised Jones’ issues and incidents, and clearly his rivalry with the star is as strong as ever…So, going with this promotional angle will likely drive interest in the bout and move PPV sales.


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