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Conor McGregor Defends Controversial Comments About Race, “I Don’t Even See Color”


Conor McGregor is taking some heat for some of the comments he’s made recently about race, but the Irish star’s denying he’s racist or has any ill will against people from other backgrounds.

McGregor was critized for some of the comments he’s directed at Mayweather in recent days, including telling the boxing star to “dance for me boy” at press event in Los Angeles. McGregor attempted to address the issue at yesterday’s presser in Brooklyn by stating the following (quotes via MMA Junkie):

“A lot of media is saying I’m against black people. That’s absolutely (expletive) ridiculous. Do they not know I’m half-black? I’m half-black from the bellybutton down.”

“Here’s a little present for my beautiful black female fans,” McGregor added, before grinding the air in a sexual manner.

Then, after yesterday’s event, the UFC lightweight champ had this to say while discussing those controversial comments:

“I’m very multi-cultural and a very multi-cultured individual, and I don’t have any ill feelings toward any – I don’t even see color. I just wanted to say something and have a little bit of fun with it.

“I just wanted to play with it and address it in my own little way. It’s stupid, and it’s ridiculous is basically what I was getting at.”

Mayweather, however, wasn’t happy about what he heard at the press conference. Here is some of what the American boxer had to say about McGregor’s latest actions:

“This is an event where two fighters are competing against one another, but saying a lot of racist things like today toward black women,” Mayweather said. “I have two black daughters, a black mother, of course I’m a black man.

“He’s crossing the line, but I can’t really focus on that right now. I’m here to do a job, and my job is to go out there and entertain. But he’s losing a lot of fans by doing that.”

At one point in the presser, the undefeated boxer threw dollar bills at McGregor, while referring to him as a stripper. The stars will attend the final stop of the bout’s media tour today in London, England.


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