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Former Boxing Champ Discusses Move to Conor McGregor’s Training Camp

Kelsey Mowatt


After much speculation and debate, and some warnings from Conor McGregor, it looks like Paulie Malignaggi will be joining the star’s camp for the August 26th, Floyd Mayweather bout.

If you don’t follow boxing, then you might not know that Malignaggi is a former, boxing world champ, who has transitioned into commentating. For a little while now, there was talk that the decorated fighter might help McGregor prepare for Mayweather. The UFC champ even said he wanted Malignaggi to come in and spar, so that he could make the latter pay for some of the things he’s said about McGregor….

Well, Malignaggi was a guest on the latest “MMA Hour”, and he confirmed he’s headed to McGregor’s camp on Wednesday. In addition, the 36 year-old, New York fighter, had this to say about the move (quote via MMA Fighting):

“I guess it’s down to how long they need me to work,” Malignaggi said. “We’ve discussed a couple potential things, but I don’t know (how long I’ll be out there), it’ll depend on them. I’ve always been in camp that’s been my training camp. I’ve never been in somebody else’s training camp. Even when I was a prospect and I helped champions get ready for their fights, it was mostly at home where I came up in Gleason’s Gym in New York, where there’s so many champions training there. A lot of times, I sparred with them a lot during their training camps in Gleason’s, but I was never a guy who was brought into camp as a sparring partner…

“This is the first time that ever happened to me, so in my professional experience when I used to run my own training camps, I’d make all the decisions. I’d meet with my team and we’d make all the decisions as far as how long sparring partners should stay, when a sparring partner should go, and all this other stuff. So, if I’m going by the way that I look at things, all those decisions are going to be up to them — how long they want to keep me around for, how long they don’t want to keep me around for, and so on and so forth. I’m just there to accommodate as best as I can.”

This is a good move by McGregor, as Malignaggi is a very experienced boxer who has faced a ton of top tier pugilists. And in terms of McGregor’s promise of payback? Malignaggi also admitted in the interview that he hurled some trash McGregor’s way several months back, in the hopes of landing a fight with the superstar. But, since then, Malignaggi’s hung up the gloves, in terms of professional fighting.


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