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Conor McGregor’s New Sparring Partner Weighs in on Star’s Chances Against Floyd Mayweather

Kelsey Mowatt


Paulie Malignaggi, Conor McGregor’s new sparring partner, understands why Floyd Mayweather’s a heavy favorite to beat the UFC champ on August 26th. But the retired boxer, turned boxing analyst, isn’t writing off McGregor’s chances either.

Recently Malignaggi confirmed that he’s heading to McGregor’s training camp, to help the star prepare for his upcoming boxing match with Mayweather. The news made headlines, not only because Malignaggi is a very decorated boxer, but because he and McGregor have traded words in the past.

Well, after reporting that he’s going to be one of McGregor’s sparring partners on “The MMA Hour”, the New York fighter was asked to weigh-in on the latter’s chances against Mayweather. Here is some of what Malignaggi had to say (quote via MMA Fighting):

“…Sometimes, especially when you punch as hard as Conor McGregor, sometimes a moment becomes a bigger moment. Sometimes a bigger moment ends the fight. So you look at it like this: can Conor have a moment or two here and there? Because overall, the control of the fight, I believe, will be Floyd’s. Floyd fights for control and I believe Floyd will be in control.

“Obviously, Floyd has more pros going into this fight because it is a boxing match,” Malignaggi added. “But when a guy hits as hard as Conor McGregor, all he needs to do is look to grab certain moments in the fight. A moment here, a moment there. Can he turn one of these moments into a bigger moment that can possibly turn into real danger for Floyd Mayweather? And that’s kind of how you want to view the fight, if you’re looking at Conor McGregor’s chances of winning the fight. Because if you just look at it, ‘oh, Conor can win the fight’ — it’s not that simple, it’s not that black and white. There’s a lot of grey area in there. You probably favor Floyd Mayweather in the fight. But there’s intangibles that I just spoke about, that you think that maybe Conor has a chance.”

There you have it. While others have argued that McGregor has a chance, on account of his punching power, Malignaggi offered a more detailed analysis for sure.

Mayweather – McGregor will be hosted by the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.


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