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UFC Official Says Brock Lesnar Hasn’t Re-entered USADA, But Sources Says he Will Be?

Kelsey Mowatt


So has Brock Lesnar re-entered USADA’s testing pool or not?

If you missed it, recently there’s been buzz that Lesnar could be considering a return to the Octagon, after it was reported that the WWE star has re-entered USADA’s testing program. But, then UFC Vice President of Athlete Health and Performance Jeff Novitzky, told MMA Junkie the following:

“(Lesnar) is not currently enrolled in the USADA testing pool, nor has there been any inquiry on his part to do so.”

So that’s  a wrap right? After all, Lesnar is 40 year’s old now and since he retired from fighting this past February, even if he wanted to return to the UFC, he still has several months left on the suspension he received last summer from USADA.

Well, Pro Wrestling is one of the outlets that reported Lesnar had entered USADA’S testing pool, so that he has options when his current contract with the WWE is up. Sources told the outlet that Lesnar doesn’t currently intend to re-sign with the pro-wrestling organization.

So what about Novitzky shooting down that report? And saying that Lesnar hasn’t in fact re-entered the testing pool?

Well, Pro Wrestling Sheet reportedly reached out to their sources again, after Novitzky’s comments were reported. The sources told the outlet that if Lesnar has not officially submitted his request to re-enter USADA, he’s in the process of doing so….

So, as it stands right now, obviously we don’t know what in fact is going down behind the scenes. Could Lesnar be thinking about fighting again? Anything is possible. After all, Lesnar said he was done with fighting back in 2011, and he returned to the Octagon last July.

After his bout with Mark Hunt, which Lesnar won via decision, only to have it overturned, the latter definitely sounded interested in fighting again. But, then the heavyweight was flagged by USADA and suspended.

One thing’s for certain, with the UFC having a slow year compared to last, chances are the ownership group would love to have Lesnar fight again.


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