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Tyron Woodley Reports Torn Labrum, Demands Apology From Dana White

UFC 214

Tyron Woodley has been taking a ton of heat from fans and observers, as well as Dana White, for his performance on Saturday night at UFC 214. Well, it turns out the welterweight champ torn his labrum in the opening round of his bout with Demian Maia, and now Woodley’s demanding White gives him an apology…

Woodley was able to stop numerous take down attempts from Maia on Saturday night, and responded with some, heavy punches, en route to a decision win. But, since the fight featured very few significant strikes and because fans start booing midway through, White blasted Woodley’s performance. Not only that, but  because of what went down, White said Georges St-Pierre will now face Michael Bisping, and not Woodley. Prior to UFC 214 White said GSP would face the winner of Woodley – Maia.

On Monday, Woodley appeared on the latest “MMA Hour”, and the powerful wrestler had just been informed that he incurred a torn labrum in the fight. According to Woodley, it happened in the first round, and thus, he couldn’t pour it on Maia like White said he should have.

In addition, Woodley also had this to say (quote via MMA Fighting):

“So, sorry in advance, I’m mad because I’ve had this surgery before. It’s not a fun one. It’s not a quick recovery. It’s not something that I’m excited about. I’m going to get a couple second opinions. Literally I’m in the Uber right now, I just f*cking got out of the doctors office, like right this second. There’s paperwork in my hand. So I’m just, I’m owed a public apology. You’re going to publicly scrutinize me, Dana White? You publicly need to apologize to me.

“I’ve done nothing but good stuff for the sport. I’ve done nothing but be a good model for the f*cking organization. I go out there and I fight with integrity. I covered your sport from the FOX desk a week before my fight. I always uphold my responsibilities to the organization. It’s timeout for that. The word behind ‘business’ is ‘man.’ You need to be a man, you owe me a public apology. And if I don’t get that, I’m going to start leaking some sh*t that people don’t want to be out in the wind. I’m not even kidding about that.”

So, yeah. With this news regarding the injury, it’s not surprising to see that Woodley’s amped up. Now it will be interesting to see if White does in fact apologize. It will also be interesting to see what happens next in the welterweight division, as Woodley could be sidelined for a while. What about GSP – Robbie Lawler for an interim belt?


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