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Frank Mir Talks Jon Jones – Brock Lesnar: “It’s Not a Blowout”

Kelsey Mowatt


Since talk about Brock Lesnar and Jon Jones fighting kicked off, a lot of folks have argued the latter would cruise through the pro-wrestling star. But, the man who fought Lesnar on two occasions, Frank Mir, believes the fight could be closer than a lot of people think.

Buzz about Jones – Lesnar started a few days before UFC 214, when “Bones” relayed he’d be interested in fighting the former heavyweight champ. Lesnar proceeded to say he’d fight Jones “anytime, anywhere”, and then the latte repeated his call out, after he KO’d Daniel Cormier to reclaim the 205 title.

Well, since Lesnar is officially still retired from MMA, and is suspended by USADA, he won’t be fighting Jones anytime soon (if he in fact returns to the UFC). But, that hasn’t stopped people from talking about the all-star fight.

Case in point, recently Mir appeared on “The MMA Hour”, and he had this to say about Lesnar’s chances against Jones (quote via MMA Fighting):

“I think it’s gonna be an interesting fight, because obviously Jones is a much better mixed martial artist, but the one area that we’ve never Jon fight at is off his back,” Mir said. “And I have to assume that Brock is good enough of a wrestler. Obviously in his heyday he was a national champion, but now the guy is 40 years old he doesn’t wrestle the way he did back 10 years ago. Can he put Jon on his back, and if he does, can he capitalize on it?

“So it’s interesting. So I think there is an interest to it. It’s not a blowout. There’s something on paper where I sit there and go, ‘Oh sh*t, Brock you have no chance.’ Well, he could put him on his back, possibly. Run a double on him. If anybody could, I’d have to think maybe Brock could. And then would put Jon in an area that we really haven’t seen Jon fight from.”

It would be really fascinating to see if Lesnar could take Jones down, and whether he could keep “Bones” there. Lesnar does have a ridiculously powerful double, but Jones is extremely athletic and has fantastic TD defense. Just ask Cormier.

Mir welcomed Lesnar to the UFC back in 2008 and quickly submitted the massive wrestler with a kneebar. Lesnar, however, stopped Mir in their 2009 rematch.


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