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Mark Hunt Calls Brock Lesnar & Jon Jones “Cheaters”, Blasts Proposed Bout


Mark Hunt has repeatedly bashed Brock Lesnar in recent months, and now you can add Jon Jones to that list.

Hunt faced Lesnar last July at UFC 200, and lost the fight via unanimous decision. After the bout, however, Lesnar was flagged for banned substances, and Hunt was furious. Case in point, the heavy handed fighter demanded that the UFC give him Lesnar’s pay for the bout. When that didn’t happen, Hunt proceeded to launch a lawsuit against the UFC, Dana White and Lesnar.

Well, more recently there’s  been a lot of buzz about Jones and Lesnar fighting. The reason being that the light-heavyweight champ has called for a scrap with Lesnar, and the former heavyweight champ has said he’s down.

Hunt was a guest on Mike Swick’s podcast not long ago, however, and the heavyweight made it clear he’s not a fan of the proposed match-up (quote via MMA Fighting):

“Look at these f**kers. You’ve got Jon Jones, for instance. That guy is the best, one of the best fighters in the world but he’s a cheater. . . Just like Brock Lesnar, you’re all a pack of frickin’ dog cheats, that’s all you are. Nothing else.

“So now the two f**king biggest cheaters in the world are going to fight! Oh f**k. . . I’m not gonna waste my money watching two cheaters fight. Why would I? They’re cheaters, in the end. That’s basically all they are. They should get nothing. I used to respect Jon Jones before this but I don’t respect him after this. When you get caught for doping, and he got caught for the same dope that Lesnar did, you shouldn’t – he’s not a martial artist, none of them are. They get no respect from me. None.”

Wow. No, considering what Hunt has had to say about PEDs in the past, this shouldn’t come as too big of a surprise. Jones’ supporters, however, would likely point out that USADA concluded the star’s failed test was due to a contaminated, sexual enhancement pill.

All that aside, a lot has to go down before Lesnar – Jones can even happen. Lesnar, for one, would have to reach a new deal with the UFC, and then serve out the remainder of his USADA suspension.


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