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Eddie Alvarez Clarifies Comments Regarding Floyd Mayweather – Conor McGregor

Kelsey Mowatt


Last month, it was reported that Eddie Alvarez believed Conor McGregor  has a real shot at taking out Floyd Mayweather, and now the former lightweight champ is clarifying what he meant.

Alvarez made headlines when he argued that you’re an “idiot“, if you don’t think McGregor can KO Mayweather. In addition, the decorated fighter said McGregor has “very real chance” at stopping Mayweather.

Well, Alvarez was a guest on the latest UFC Tonight on Wednesday, and during the segment, he was asked about Mayweather – McGregor again. Here’s what Alvarez had to say regarding his previous comments (quote via FOX Sports 1 press release):

“The movement he has from MMA is different from boxing. But my words were twisted. I believe Conor can knock him out, but the probability is small, but it’s there. People are writing it off as a joke of a fight, but I’m saying Conor can box, he has the ability to knock him out. Is it small? Yes, but it’s there and probably early in the fight. He doesn’t want it to turn into a boxing match.”

 There you go. Alvarez certainly isn’t the only person to make this argument, in fact, it seems like this has become the consensus. To say McGregor has absolutely no chance of knocking out Mayweather is ridiculous.

As far as Alvarez’s career, he’s coaching opposite Justin Gaethje on the upcoming season of “The Ultimate Fighter’, and will battle the former WSOF champ later this year. Since it’s a match-up that features two, very aggressive and well rounded fighters, the bout is likely on a lot of folk’s can’t miss lists.

While discussing the narrative tied to the fight, and his track record of being in wars, Alvarez had this to say;

“As Simba in The Lion King says: ‘I laugh in the face of danger.’ Throughout my career, the more dangerous opponent, I step up. I trust and believe in myself and I keep going at a high level and enjoy it and embrace it and look at Justin being a dangerous guy with a lot of weapons.“

The date for Alvarez – Gaethje has yet to be finalized. McGregor, meanwhile, will throw hands with Mayweather on August 26th.



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