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Ronda Rousey’s Striking Coach on Why His Critics Should “Shut Up”

Kelsey Mowatt


Edmond Tarverdyan has been the subject of a lot of criticism, following Ronda Rousey’s stoppage losses to Holly Holm and Amanda Nunes, but the striking coach insists he’s more than capable of training top tier fighters.

Tarverdyan and his coaching tactics started taking some heat in 2015, after Rousey was brutally taken out by Holm at UFC 193. Then, following Rousey’s loss to Nunes in December, the critics really started piling on. In addition, some have questioned Tarverdyan’s abilities as a result of recent losses Travis Browne has taken, who has also enlisted his services.

Well, the Glendale Fighting Club instructor was a guest on the latest “MMA Hour” this week, and Tarverdyan fired back at some of his critics. Here is some of what he had to say (quotes via Bloody Elbow):

“I know how to speak to my fighter, right? You think that I trained Travis Browne, but don’t know how to speak to Travis Browne? You do, and I don’t?” said Tarverdyan, while responding to criticisms about how he cornered Browne. “I train that guy everyday, and I don’t know how to encourage him or give him advice a proper way, with a proper tone, with a proper voice?”

“….And Duane Ludwig, making a ‘funny’ comment under that?” added Tarverdyan, while referring to posts that were apparently made on his social media accounts. “Hey, I have hundreds of you private messaging me, saying ‘coach, you’re doing an amazing job with Ronda. Oh my god, amazing. happy faces.’ What happened to that?!”

“I’m saying it in public, so they could all know, I know my shit. Shut up. Those are to the coaches. The public, they don’t understand that and they don’t know.”

Whether you think Tarverdyan is a good coach or not, it is true that at one point, prior to Rousey’s defeats, a lot of folks were heaping praise on him. During the same interview, Tarverdyan relayed that he hopes Rousey comes back to face Cris “Cyborg”. You can read more about that by clicking here.


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