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Max Holloway Says Conor McGregor’s About “Exhibition Matches”, Not The “Champ Life”

Kelsey Mowatt


Conor McGregor apparently praised Max Holloway recently for the remarkable run he’s been on since they crossed paths, but the featherweight champ didn’t care for everything the star said.

McGregor and Holloway battled back in 2013, and the Irish star took the fight via unanimous decision. Since then, however, the Hawaiian fighter has won 11 in a row and has secured the 145 crown. Holloway has repeatedly said he hopes to run it back with McGregor, and that things will be very different than their first encounter.

Well, recently McGregor credited Holloway for what he’s done in recent years, but he also reportedly added that he “sonned” the dynamic fighter. Thus, this is why Holloway had this to say about McGregor’s comments, during a recent appearance on “The MMA Hour” (quote via MMA Mania):

“The props, he kind of like … you know when you tell someone ‘good job’ then at the end of the whole conversation he ended up saying, ‘I still beat the kid.’ If you are going to give someone props, give them props. He made it look like, ‘He complimented you, Max, why are you saying stuff about him?’ No he didn’t. He said the facts, after we fought I’m on this win streak, facts. Then at the end he says he won.”

“It is what it is. He says our fight between me and him is there, but it’s low on the totem pole,” Holloway added. “Then he is over here talking about fighting Paulie in MMA. It’s like, the guy should call out C.M. Punk, at least CM Punk got some time in UFC. I don’t know, it makes no sense to me. This guy is over here fighting exhibition matches. If that’s what you want to do, and he don’t want to be about that champ life, so be it.”

There you have it. Now, as it stands right now, it doesn’t seem like McGregor and Holloway will cross paths again anytime soon, unless the latter decides to move up to 155. Even then, McGregor has a couple of challengers already waiting in the wings.

But, it’s interesting to see that Holloway is yet another guy who is piling on McGregor for not defending his belt. You have to wonder if all this talk about the star not being a legit champ, will prompt him to face Tony Ferguson next, rather than Nate Diaz.


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