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Daniel Cormier Outlines Why Tony Ferguson Could Get “Sniped” by Conor McGregor

Kelsey Mowatt


A lot of people believe Tony Ferguson could give Conor McGregor a serious run for his money, but if Daniel Cormier were to bet money on the contest, it doesn’t sound like it would be on “El Cucuy”.

Ferguson took a bit step towards a fight with the Irish star last weekend, by submitting Kevin Lee at UFC 216 to secure the interim lightweight title. Due to Ferguson’s unorthodox approach, his wrestling background, arsenal of submissions, and resiliency, some observers think he could end McGregor’s reign, if and when they fight.

Well, as the MMA world continues to wait and see who McGregor is fighting next, figures throughout the game are weighing in on the potential contest. During a recent episode of the Talk and Talker podcast, here’s what Cormier had to say about Ferguson’s chances, against the lightweight champ (quotes via Bloody

“I think he’s really good. I think his cardio and pace are fantastic. I believe he makes some mistakes that would really cost him against Conor,” Cormier said. “Oh my goodness, do you see how high he’s holding his chin up when he’s throwing punches. You do that against McGregor, you’re getting sniped. You’re getting sniped!”

“When Conor hits you with a clean shot, it doesn’t affect people like most people’s big shots affect people. It sends you f—ng skating on ice,” he said. “It turns you into a baby deer, when they can’t stand up and they’re f—ng shaking and shit.

“You just can’t let him hit you like that, but I think because of the way Tony fights, he kinda hangs his chin up there. That’ll make it so dangerous for him because McGregor is so accurate, so fast.”

Cormier’s not the only person who’s made this argument. Case in point, McGregor’s striking coach Owen Roddy argued that Ferguson has a lot of holes in his game, and he also questioned whether “El Cucuy” has the chin necessary, to eat a big left from McGregor. Now sure, Roddy is part of McGregor’s team, so he may be biased, but Michael Bisping also recently voiced a similar opinion.

But, McGregor can’t find the mark in the first couple of rounds, Ferguson’s chances of winning the belt will rise substantially.


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