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Carlos Condit Outlines Why He’s Not Ready to Hang Them Up

UFC 219

For much of 2017, it wasn’t clear when and if Carlos Condit would ever fight again. Now that we know he’s fighting Neil Magny at UFC 219, December 30th, however, the welterweight’s outlined why he’s not ready to hang up the gloves.

Following Condit’s narrow defeat to Robbie Lawler in January, 2016, the former WEC champ talked about walking away from the sport, unless a rematch was tabled. That didn’t happen, and after Condit was quickly submitted by Demian Maia last August, the 33 year-old said he wasn’t sure if he should still be fighting.

So, when it was announced recently that Condit’s going to throw hands with Magny, more than a few eyebrows were likely raised. Accordingly, during a recent edition of “The MMA Hour”, the Jackson – Wink MMA fighter was asked about why he’s decided to keep competing. Here’s some of what Condit had to say (quote via MMA Fighting):

“That feeling never really left honestly, man,” Condit said. “I’m a fighter, this is what I love to do, there’s obviously a lot of different factors that go into making decisions. And as important as what I’m doing with my life and career and all that stuff. I think I wanted to fight, I’ll probably want to fight until the day I’m dead.”

“At the time, [I was] feeling very dejected, disappointed,” added Condit, while discussing how he felt, after his one sided loss to Maia. “And I’m a competitive person and I obviously fell short in, in my eyes, a really sh*tty way, because even fights I lost in the past in the UFC, I’ve still gone there and fought my ass off and put on hell of a show, And that fight I wasn’t able to do that and that added to the sting.”

Condit also added that fighting is his “trade”, and that since he didn’t go to college, he doesn’t have a lot of other options right now, in terms of making money. That’s definitely a powerful incentive to keep fighting.

One thing’s for certain, a lot of fans are likely pretty happy Condit isn’t retiring. Further, although Condit’s lost three of his last five fights, few would argue that he isn’t still a top of the line welterweight.

UFC 219 will be hosted by the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.


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